WWE Logic: David Otunga to Win NXT and Challenge For United States Title

Jersey Strong JayCorrespondent IIMay 26, 2010

The way it looks right now, David Otunga is destined to win the first season of NXT next week.

I have not come up with this prediction because of his performance on WWE TV or because Michael Cole has done such a great job of putting him over.

It is WWE logic at its finest.

Last week, you may remember that I wrote a column about Bret Hart bringing the United States Title back to prominence. In the column, I expressed how I felt that this belt will have a focus and purpose once again.

Turns out, depending the way you look at it, that I was right.

R-Truth, Otunga's WWE Pro on NXT, defeated The Miz on RAW to win his first major WWE title during his career.

Remember, R-Truth is accomplished. He is a former NWA World Champion.

When I saw that Truth became the United States Champion, it occurred to me that WWE has big plans for David Otunga.

I believe now that WWE once had a plan for The Miz to hold on to the United States Championship and have Daniel Bryan challenge him for it after the NXT show.

It turns out that Bryan's disdain for Michael Cole and vice versa has made WWE change their plans. This storyline is taking off like wildfire and will completely keep the attention on Bryan for weeks to come. His feud with Miz is still going to happen, but it is obvious that we do not need a belt involved.

At first, I thought this would be a terrible move. It then occurred to me that Bryan Danielson is a ready made WWE star whenever they want him to be. 

Otunga needs the help.  He needs the push and heat, unlike Daniel Bryan.  Otunga needs the assistance of a major singles title to help him gain that heat.  He isn't a great worker, but the WWE has made millions off of plenty of guys who aren't.

See John Cena and The Ultimate Warrior.

On the topic of John Cena, Otunga has already had plenty of interaction with the WWE's biggest star.  When Cena started out, his workrate was pretty bad.  However, he is now a top shelf in ring worker.

Vince McMahon has been known to be looking for his next big African American star and David Otunga just might be the guy.

Either way, things are looking up for the man that they call the "A-List" and if he gets his shot at the United States Championship, this could only be the beginning.

Jason Alletto

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