Todd Jones: Why you love to hate him!

John ShullCorrespondent IJuly 21, 2008

Todd Jones, what two words come to mind when thinking of the 40 year old closer of the Detroit Tigers?

For me, 2 words that stick out are fearless and exciting.

Fearless for many reasons, whether it is the slam of the bullpen door as he enters the field or his mustache, Todd Jones does not show any leverage when it comes to whoever he is facing at the plate.

Exciting, the second word I choose to describe him is because if you are a Tigers fan, then you know that every game Todd Jones enters, there is going to be some kind of drama.

Whether it be walking 2 guys or giving up a home-run, Todd Jones always finds a way to make the games interesting!

Yet still, why do people love to hate Todd Jones?

Jones, a 16 year veteran of the MLB is currently 16 on the all-time saves leader list.

Fans of Detroit love the demeanor and attitude of Todd Jones. Never once will you hear Jones blame anyone but himself for the loss.

Never will you hear Jones not slam that bullpen door on his way to the field!

As Detroit progresses through the season with Detroit, it should be very interesting to see if he can save his way to another reliever of the year award.

If Detroit has any plans of playing post season baseball, they need Todd Jones to be at the top of his game.

A game which may be coming to an end.

As an aging player and part of a team that desperately needs some younger pitchers, this very well could be Jones' last year in a Tigers uniform.

So with this said, I want to leave you with a question, why do we love to hate Todd Jones?