Update on Randy Orton's Injury: Was He Injured Before WWE Over the Limit?

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIMay 25, 2010

As most of us have heard by now, Randy Orton hurt himself at WWE's latest Pay Per View, Over the Limit. When I saw the match, I could have sworn he looked off somewhat. I watched over and over, and it looked as if Orton was holding the same spot off and on throughout the match with Edge.

Now I'm no doctor, but it looked as if he had some sort of nerve damage when he hurt himself at Over the Limit. But it never kicked in until he went on his classic flurry before he hit his beloved finisher, the RKO.

When I watched his match with Edge, it looked like he was holding his bicep/tricep area, which made me think he hurt that and not his shoulder.

Most like Orton who have had shoulder injuries in the past usually bend their elbow like they are taking a drink of something, and hold underneath to take pressure off of the shoulder.

But some do things differently, so it was just something I noticed. I know for a fact that Orton didn't suffer a big time separation of his shoulder, otherwise he'd be out until August at the earliest.

He dislocated it, which is probably why the WWE went ahead and allowed him to be in the Fatal Four Way match next month at the new WWE PPV, Fatal Four Way. Such a creative name, WWE.

In any case, many feel that he just needs a week or two off and he'll be fine.

But, did Orton hurt himself before WWE Over the Limit? It looks like it.

As you can see HERE , Orton was in a tag match with Cena against Sheamus and Batista at a Saturday house show. During that match, Orton appeared to have hurt his shoulder and was holding it gingerly.

This meant that Orton was hurt before OTL and didn't let the WWE know, otherwise he would have probably been removed from the card somehow. There were many ways to go about it.

Orton is obviously passionate about what he does, so he didn't want to be removed from the PPV. He hasn't been hurt in a while either, so he may have thought he just had a stinger and nothing to worry about.

The thing is that Orton should have spoken up to the WWE trainers, at least to check him out to see what was up. This is a man with a shoulder condition, which has a sweet name, but means double jointed.

This means that it's possible for him to get hurt easier than most in that spot. So when he got hurt, he could have hurt himself worse than he thought he did.

If Orton were to keep hurting himself, we may never see him again. An injury like this can be painful number one, and number two, if he constantly works the stressful WWE schedule while hurt, he could serious hurt himself to a point where he could never use his arm again, as it could be paralyzed.

And chances are, like many athletes, Orton didn't care. He just wanted to do his job. Which is honorable of course, but very stupid at the same time.

This is why I feel the WWE should start having check ups for all the athletes before they go out and perform. That way they make sure a wrestler doesn't hurt themselves even more during a match.

If Vinny Mac wants to continue his quest to protect his talent, this should be instituted. It wouldn't be too hard either, trainers would just do a small physical and check out all the talent that's performing that night.

It's an idea; think about it McMahon.

Anyway, the issue with Orton seems to have dissolved in the WWE's eyes. If you ask me, Orton may be coming back too quick. I for one would have given him a month off, then allowed him to work a house show, and if the injury was there, I'd give him more time off.

The WWE however is promoting him for a PPV, and he will probably have to get involved in some way on RAW match wise, and a house show down the line seems obvious. I think the WWE should have held off with Orton, even if it didn't seem severe at the time.

Orton hated that the match ended early, as it's confirmed he trashed the training room because he was so ticked. You can tell how bad he felt about letting the fans down. But remember Orton, you'll let your own self down if you come back too early. I'm just saying.