WWE Divas: Seven Realistic Ways To Improve Women's Division

Dan PowerSenior Analyst IMay 25, 2010

In a previous article, I was wondering if it was time to pull the plug on the Divas Division. 

I, for one, don't think the division is agonizing enough to end it now.

I can see enough good points to keep it alive; but the WWE must do something to more than just keeping it alive.

That being said, I have thought about seven realistic points that could improve the Women's Division.  

These are not magical solutions to revamp the division, but the following will show that it's possible to work with what is already existing in WWE.


1. Use all Divas.

No Diva should be put on the sideline or stuck in a non-wrestling role. They have them under contract so they should use them.

For example, put Serena in the ring for actual wrestling matches because she's got talent. She is a six-time Ohio Valley Wrestling women's champion and she has an impressive background (ROH and TNA among many others). The Straight Edge Society could follow her ring-side while she battles and it could even add potential story-lines. 

They should also allow Natalya to show her great in-ring abilities; she's got what it takes to be a great champion. She still can be Hart Dynasty's valet—she can do both.

Gail Kim is more than a valet and she should wrestle more; she is championship caliber. Same with the Bella Twins, who should do more than just being eye candies with the Raw guest hosts.


2. A one-hour women wrestling Show.  

That innovative concept could easily replace the pointless show they call Superstars.  

The more the Divas fight, the more they can improve. They all have great athletic abilities, but not all have great wrestling skills. I don't see how Kelly Kelly or Maryse can improve if they only battle once in a while.

By giving the Divas their own show, the WWE would give them credibility as wrestlers. That would show the fans they trust in their ladies as actual wrestlers and that they are more than just eye candies.

Bring some male wrestler big names ring-side to be even more attractive. The SES and the Hart Dynasty could expand their story-lines on such a show. And if Eve is John Cena's valet for example, he could come make some appearances on the Divas show.


3. Use the Divas as valets for male wrestlers.

That would give them more exposure; they already are WWE employees so why not use them more?  

It would not hurt Eve's popularity if she became John Cena's valet. She could build her feud with Maryse on Raw then get the match on the Divas Show.

It already works well with Natalya, Serena and Gail Kim. The valets could also interfere more in matches so it would spice up to some matches and feuds.


4. No brand's exclusivity.

With a total of 15 Divas on the WWE roster, they should appear on any show. They are not enough to be split in two exclusive brand.

As we speak, with Beth Phoenix away for maybe six months, there are only five Divas on Smackdown ! battling for one belt.


5. One Women's World Championship.

There should be only one Women's World Champion. That would add prestige to the Title.

It makes no sense to have 5-6 contenders for one title on Smackdown ! and nine Divas for an other belt on Raw .

In addition, the championship should be defended on any show in accordance to the last point.


6. Women's Tag Team Championship.

That title exists in TNA, so why not in WWE? They would not steal the idea from TNA because there was an actual tag team women's division in the 80's.

With all the Divas tag team matches we regularly see on Raw and Smackdown ! , there should be such a title in WWE.

That could wisely replace one of the singles title. The WWE currently even has the perfect opportunity with Layla and Michelle McCool who carry two Women's Championship belts with them.

With the Bella Twins and team LayCool, there are already two legit teams and it would not be hard to create new duos; Serena could pair with a new SES woman and here we go.


7. Create a stable.

A women's stable would add spice in the division. It's something we have rarely (if not never) seen in WWE so it might be refreshing.

LayCool could be joined by two other Divas and that would be interesting; maybe Maryse and Jillian Hall could work well.

Appoint Vickie Guererro as their permanent manager and use Chavo as their mascot.