Family Lines Have Been Drawn: Debut of the Samoan Soldiers on RAW

The PhantomCorrespondent IMay 25, 2010

Breathtaking, is perhaps the only way to describe the latest edition of Monday Night RAW. From start to finish the show had me on the edge of my seat with excitement.

RAW was full of surprises and high impact. From the announcement of Bret Hart as GM to R-Truth winning the United States Championship for the first time, the night was fast paced and entertaining.

The segment that caught my eye however, was the debut of a new tag team on RAW, known in FCW as The Samoan Soldiers. The team attacked The Hart Dynasty, after the Dynasty defeated the team of Regal and Kozlov on RAW.

Samoan Soldiers picked apart The Hart Dynasty and look convincing doing so, even going for a body splash on the dazed and confused Dynasty to cap off the assault.

What's so great about this debut is the fact that The Samoan Soldiers are made up of former WWE wrestler Rikishi's twin sons Jimmy and Jules, and WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka's daughter, Tamina.

Tamina is labeled as a chip off the old block, and has some technical ground based moves as well as the ability to fly like like Snuka himself.

Jimmy and Jules are quite different from Rikishi as you might have noticed. I would not expect any stink faces or Scotty 2 Hotty and Grandmaster Sexay like gimmicks to show up on RAW any time soon.

The team is also continuing the line of Samoan tag teams, dating back to the Wild Samoans and Samoan Swat Team to the short-lived Three Minute Warning.

If the Samoan Soldiers start a feud with The Hart Dynasty, it would be a flashback to the old school wrestling fans of The Hart Foundation and Wild Samoans, that proceded these two groups.

Another reason why I like this move by the WWE to add the Samoan Soldiers to RAW, is because it shows that they are at least focusing on rebuilding the broken down tag team division.

The debut of The Samoan Soldiers, may also be the reason why the WWE wasted no time in getting rid of Carlito and the reunited Colon Brothers angle, since they had this setup all along.

Either way, if this trio are anything close to being talented like Rikishi and Jimmy Snuka were, I would expected a bright future for this tag team.

The Hart Dynasty and the WWE, you have just been put on notice.


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