Was Over The Limit Cursed?

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Was Over The Limit Cursed?
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May 23, 1999.  Most wrestling fans will recognize this as the day that Owen Hart died in Kansas City Missouri at the second and final Over the Edge Pay-Per-View.  At the time Owen's character was a bit of a comic relief but the events of that night were no laughing matter.  Owen Hart was to be very dramatically lowered into the ring using a harness and a quick release mechanism, dropping him on his face from a couple of feet up.  It didn't turn out that way, the release was triggered and Owen fell 78 feet.  He landed in the ring and it's reported that he sat up for a moment before he lost consciousness.  The television viewing audience saw none of it.  Jim Ross repeated several time that the accident was not part of the story line and that Owen was seriously injured.  He was rushed to a local medical facility and pronounced dead on arrival. 

Exactly eleven years later WWE rings the bell for Over the Limit.  May had been dominated by the Judgement Day PPV but this year WWE went in a new direction.  Judgement day was replaced by Over the Limit.  Many die-hard wrestling fans would view this as a "throw away" PPV, nothing special about the matches and since going to the PG rating nothing spectacular should happen at the PPV.  We thought wrong.  The break down is simple:  CM Punk 13 staples in his head, Ted DiBiase Jr. a concussion, Batista a bruised tailbone, and Randy Orton a separated shoulder. 

My question is why the hell would Vince McMahon decide that it would be a good idea to not only have a PPV on the anniversary of Owen's death but what possessed him to name it Over the Limit?  It's like he was asking for something to happen.  Am I crazy to think there is some sort of coincidence here or does anyone else agree?

(Any thoughts or comments are more than welcome, hate mail makes me giggle, this is my first article here so be gentle.)

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