Big Raw News: Batista Quits WWE and Bret Hart As New General Manager

Dan PowerSenior Analyst IMay 24, 2010

There have been rumors about it for weeks and now it's confirmed: Batista has quit WWE.  

But as we have seen in the past, when they don't like how a wrestler is leaving the company, they do it cheaply. It was all but a glorious departure, just like when Jeff Hardy left.

I am not a big Batista's fan, but I respect his dedication and his hard work in the years he spent in WWE. He was one of their biggest icon and they made him leave in disgrace.

They might not be happy to see him leaving, but they should show some consideration for what he did for the company over the years. In my opinion, it's a lack of respect from WWE.

Anyway, who knows? It might only be a fake end of contract and we might see The Animal back in action after some vacations weeks.

That was the first shocking news on the last edition of Raw...

The other big news was the announcement of the new general manager. And that one, no one has seen coming.

None other than Bret Hart is the new sheriff in town. But is it good news? Only time will tell. So far, he acted like a classic face general manager.

I am probably not the only one to be surprised about this nomination. At least, that's a sure fact: it's a total surprise. 

Now, let's hope he will be more than in a puppet role and that his feud with McMahon will continue on a new level. Otherwise, this appointment will be pointless because he can't carry the show all by himself due to his limited mic skills.

I honestly have no clue where the WWE wants to go with The Hitman as the new Raw general manager. I hope they have some nice surprise for the fans.

In addition, we might see him getting fired in few weeks. After all, Vickie Guerrero only lasted one episode as general manager. Hopefully, it won't be the case, but it might be a new story-line pattern.