The Scoop on Rick Carlisle, Dallas Mavericks Head Coach

Taylor GramAnalyst IJuly 21, 2008

The Dallas Mavericks now have an array of playoff losses and disappointments. How can they change all this? By hiring their ninth head coach, that's how. Or at least that's what Mavs owner Mark Cuban thinks.

After the Mavs gave the city of Dallas another disappointing playoff loss, Mark Cuban fired Avery Johnson, and pursued Coach Rick Carlisle.

Rick Carlisle played college basketball at the University of Virginia, and as co-captain lead the Cavaliers to the Final Four.

He was drafted by the Boston Celtics in 1984, winning a Finals in '86, and went on to play for two other teams in his career.

Carlisle began his coaching as an assistant in Portland and New Jersey. He later was the head coach for the Pistons and the Pacers, both of whom he led to the playoffs.

So coach Rick Carlisle has been around the block a couple of times and can proudly wear something most players on the Mavs don't, a ring. So that's the master plan here for Carlisle, give the fans and players in Dallas something to be proud of, not two playoff flops in two straight years.

Coaching the team won't be a walk in the park, mostly because of crazy owner Mark Cuban. Cuban has displayed his anger of losing and his ability to fire and hire anybody he wants.

Years before, Cuban fired soon to be Hall of Fame Coach Don Nelson. Nelson later went on to lead the Warriors to upset the Mavs in the first round.

So Cuban isn't afraid to toss Carlisle to the curb if he doesn't produce. And that's the question right there, will Carlisle produce?

The Mavs fans can't go through too much more of playoff tragedies. Carlisle will have to go deep into the playoffs or the city of Dallas will want him gone.

My prediction, the Mavs have what it takes to go deep into the playoffs. But every year they seem to fail us. Rick Carlisle will take the Mavs to where they need to go. I see a second round leave for the Mavs after they grab the fourth or fifth seed in the West.

The coaching change will give life and energy to the Mavs, something they never experienced with dull Avery Johnson. This year will be the year that the Mavs prove themselves to their fans, the world, and to themselves.