WWE: Batista Traded To TNA (Satire)

Slam HoustonCorrespondent IMay 24, 2010

In a shocking development engineered by the masterminds at World Wrestling Entertainment, Batista has been traded to TNA. In return, TNA will send two of their most promising stars to WWE: Jay Lethal and Samoa Joe.

Of course, this is not true, but what if it was?

What if headlines of this variety were as commonplace in wrestling as they are in “real” sports?

Sports stars are often traded from one team to another based on their contract status, their age, or the chemistry within their current organization. It makes sense to deal someone with an expiring contract before they walk and you’re left with nothing in return.

Here is Batista, now 41 years old, makes loads of money, and is rumored to be unhappy with WWE.

In a typical sports scenario, he would undoubtedly be ideal for the trading block. But trade value is only advantageous if you act upon it.

In sports, each team functions beneath the same governing umbrella. Wrestling organizations operate independently and any transactions among them would be unprecedented, not to mention nearly impossible.

However, this is wrestling, where the impossible and improbable ostensibly happen on a weekly basis.

Vince McMahon is arguably the most influential mind in the industry. If he had the desire and willingness to facilitate these transactions, not that I ever foresee that he would, I’m sure he could spearhead a project that would make it possible.

No longer would the rumor mill be based off of expiring no-compete clauses or failure of wellness policies. We could see wrestlers jump to rival promotions even before the IWC gets a whiff of what’s happening.

How great would that be for fans?