Chase's Lists: Top Five Underrated Sporting Events

Chase RuttigCorrespondent IMay 24, 2010

The great thing about sports is there are endless possibilities of sports you can follow, especially with today's technology, you can watch almost anything. But the big dogs still remain, grabbing the majority of sports fans eyes.

But there are still the little guys, the MLS, the NLL and MLL, track and field, and countless other sports. Here are the top five underrated sporting events you should check out.

Honorable Mentions: NLL Championship, Memorial Cup, Grey Cup, FA Cup, African Nations Cup, Gold Cup, World Rugby Cup.

5. The MLS Regular Season (Spring/Summer)

Major League Soccer has been deadpanned everywhere, from across the pond and at home, but with all the expansion and the importing of successful European stars, the MLS is quickly on the road to surpass the NHL as the fourth Major North American pro sport.

But it still doesn't get the recognition it deserves. Ask anyone outside, or even inside, an MLS city what their star players' names are, and 80 percent of the time you will get blank stares.

The play of MLS is always exciting due to the level of parity in the league, and the quality of players is improving. It is time to let the MLS into your homes.

4. Army/Navy Game (November) (CBS)

One of sports best rivalries, the Army-Navy game is among one of the oldest in sports. While other rivalries may feature more high profile teams, there is no denying the passion these kids bring when their comrades are cheering their own from the sidelines, in full uniform.

It is quite the viewing experience. And it is a fitting send off to these brave young men who will go fight for the freedom of the U.S.

3. The Frozen Four (March) (ESPN)

College sports seem to be the most notoriously underrated sports in North America, and it should change as these kids bring their best in what likely will be the last game of their careers, and it ends in the national spotlight on ESPN.

This year Miami Ohio and Boston collided in one of the rarest of treats, a overtime Junior Hockey game. When you get young men playing in their last game, with the whistles put away, it is almost a violent poetry, filled with emotion and heart-stopping moments.

The beauty of this tournament is the pure amateurism, most of the players will not go on to the pros like in the NCAA Basketball or Football Finals, these players while fade away, remembering their moment in the sports spotlight for the rest of their lives.

2. The IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship (December/January) (NHL Network/TSN)

The level of hockey around the world opposed to twenty years ago is amazing. More and more foreign players are entering the ranks of the NHL and before that they need to go through the juniors and the World Junior Hockey Championship is the premier showcase of young hockey talent.

Beginning every Boxing Day in December, the world's hockey powers converge in a three week battle for world hockey domination, and the players get to showcase their talents for the scouts.

Every superstar who is in the NHL right now has played in this tournament, which has had many classic moments. From Russia and Canada's classic brawl in the 1987 tournament, resulting in a disqualification to both teams.

Canada and Russia's instant classic in the semi-finals of this year's tournament. And finally the greatest moment in World Junior history, the epic shootout  between the U.S. and Canada in the 2007 Final.

If you watched those clips and didn't like what you saw, you are not a sports fan.

1. NCAA Lacrosse Final Fours (Memorial Day Weekend) (ESPN/CBS College Sports)

Lacrosse, which was once an Aboriginal war training exercise has evolved into one of the most entertaining sports in the world. From the indoor "box" Lacrosse game, designed for arena's, to the more popular, and NCAA sanctioned, field game, which is basically a combination of soccer and hockey, with high scoring.

It is a great weekend of action and I like catching up on the sport once a year for one weekend to be reminded about the other parts of the sports landscape.


So there you have it, five sporting events you may have missed that you should check out. Feel free to leave feedback and give your own top fives as the purpose of these is to strike debate.