Rangers and Celtic: Could the Two Scottish Giants Survive in the Premier League?

Benjamin RogersAnalyst IJuly 21, 2008

We all know that the two clubs are the main attraction when it comes to the  Scottish league, and for years have been the top two league-wise.

Celtic and Rangers have been linked with the Premier League for many years due to their quality. Their quality has been seen from many spectators when they take part in their Champions League campaigns, so the question should be asked: should the teams come to the Premier League?

The two teams have both got great players and it would be interesting to see them all in the Premier League.

Some people think they should start in the championship and be made to confirm their talents by getting a promotion to the Premier League, and others think that they should start straight away in the Premier League.

But one of the most popular views from fans of the Premier League and Scottish football is that they would probably only get seventh or eighth in the Premier League—Man United, Arsenal, Chelsea , Liverpool, Spurs and Everton all being better then them.

And it's even been discussed that Aston Villa, Portsmouth, and Newcastle would be more grand as well. 

In my own personal opinion, which I hope does not offend anyone, the two clubs would probably come in around 10th or 11th every season due to the number of rising squads in the Premier League.

I think they are as good as teams like Newcastle and Aston Villa, but they would be a mid-table team and at a cost lose their Champions League dreams.

As a fan of football it would be interesting to see if the two clubs could make an impact on football from the Premier League.

It would be interesting to hear from the Scottish football fans and from Premier League football fans, and even the teams' fans to see if they would even consider a move to the Premier League.