WWE Over The Limit Results: Injuries, Surprises, and Changes, Oh My!

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIMay 24, 2010

Last night, we saw WWE put on one of its newest PPVs, Over the Limit.

Some thought this was going to be a dumb PPV, and that those watching it would be idiotic. Many here on B/R, and all across the 'net said that this would be boring and one of those "why watch?" PPVs.

But many were surprised—I know I was.

Because the WWE gave us a nice PPV, it wasn't the best the WWE has put on this year, but it wasn't bad for their standards. It had many surprises, which I was happy to see from the WWE.

Some surprises were dumb to say the least, but others were great to see.

Now I'm going to give you the results, not necessarily in order from last night, but in order for what I feel were the least to best of the night, then give you my analysis on it.

Eve vs. Maryse (Diva's Championship)

This match was better than many want to give it credit for. Eve has improved a lot in the ring and Maryse had a lot more training than most Divas do when they come in, so we knew we had two good talents in there.

Saying they are Trish Stratus and Lita out there would be stretching it a lot, but I feel this could be a great rivalry. From a male standpoint, the two looked hot last night and I enjoyed it simply because of that alone.

But if you were like me, and had your tongue in your mouth long enough to see the match itself, you saw a nice contest.

Eve retained the title, which I was happy to see. Maryse held the Diva's Title a long time in 2009, up until her injury. It looks as if they want to add credibility to the two female Championships.

From what I've seen, the WWE has let the female champions hold their titles for a while, unless they get hurt. So I'd expect Eve to hold it probably until Summerslam.

It is said that WWE RAW Diva Melina could be back soon, which would set up a match with Eve, Maryse, Melina, and most likely Natalya at the new Fatal Four Way PPV.

Don't be surprised to see Melina on RAW tonight if the rumor of this match is true.

Drew McIntyre vs. Kofi Kingston (IC Title)

Many knew going in that McIntyre was the WWE "Chosen One."

However, many didn't realize that McIntyre is the golden boy in McMahon's eyes for real.

He loves McIntyre, and feels exactly what he said on TV: He is a future World Champion.

I have to agree, as Drew has the look and is doing well with what the WWE gives him.

So when I saw Kingston win the match last night, officially capturing Intercontinental Championship Gold, I was stunned.

The storyline with Drew getting fired was thought to be a good idea to begin with, but the WWE pulled the plug on it shortly after, which was so stupid.

Many wondered, why didn't McIntyre just complain to management and say he wanted to get his rematch at OTL?

Then you could have Kingston win and retain the title. Therefore making the firing storyline OK, and forgettable.

One has to wonder why they gave it back to him just to have him lose it at OTR.

Reports surfaced that Kingston was on thin ice if you will—that if he didn't make McIntyre look good last night, he'd be in mid-card hell a lot longer.

This is why many saw the Kingston win as far out as seeing Matt Hardy as WWE Champion in a month.

Speaking of Matt Hardy, the fan favorite attacked McIntyre after the match. Which obviously is setting up a rivalry even more so between the two.

The thing is that it won't involve IC gold—another slap in the face to Hardy.

I see what the WWE was doing by trying to further the Matt Hardy/McIntyre feud last night, but not adding in the IC Title is stupid. It just makes it a mid-card rivalry, which may not further either one.

This isn't an Orton/Edge rivalry where you have two main headliners going at it, and there is no need to add gold into the equation.

Stupid move WWE. Now we have to wonder what happens with Kingston and the IC Title. A title is more important than a small time rivalry—I'm just saying.

Ted DiBiase, Jr. vs. R-Truth

In what I thought was one of the most shocking moments I've seen all year, the WWE gave Truth the win.

There was pretty much no involvement from Virgil at ringside, which made me wonder why the heck he was even there.

DiBiase, like McIntyre, is one of the WWE golden boys. They are giving him a faction even, which makes me think the WWE has a lot of faith in DiBiase, because most factions start and are run by at least one top name.

DiBiase isn't that at all yet.

Sure, his father was the Million Dollar Man, big whoop!

This is DiBiase, Jr. people—he has talent, but is not worth what you make him out to be just yet.

And what's so shocking here is that you want to make him into this big time guy, yet you have him lose to Truth?

I like Truth, and I feel he does need some sort of push, but DiBiase needs it more if he is going to be the type of guy who can lead a faction.

Punk is a young name in the WWE, yet look at all the gold he has won and how well he has been marketed.

This is why he can lead a faction as a young performer, but DiBiase, who hasn't even held one singles title, is starting his own leading two other young talents?

I just don't get it, WWE. For now the "Fortunate Sons" faction is put on hold, seeing as Bret DiBiase (brother of Ted) recently injured himself, necessitating surgery—so he's out of action for a little while.

Joe Hennig, son of Curt "Mr. Perfect" Hennig, is the other member. One heck of a wrestler is Hennig, but as bad on the mic as one can get.

Just like with Kingston, there were reports out saying that Truth needed to make his opponent look good. For the most part, both he and Kingston did that.

Truth is a great worker and is not given enough credit for that by the IWC, so I think he proved he can make others look good last night. The thing is he had to look more dominant because, well, he was supposed to win.

This is going to get interesting if you ask me. With the Fortunate Sons on hold, it's obvious to me that a Truth/DiBiase rivalry will continue, possibly after WWE's new PPV, "Fatal Four Way".

Jack Swagger vs. Big Show (World Heavyweight Championship)

This was a match that went according to plan fortunately.

Swagger was beaten by The Big Show, but Show did it by disqualification, so it worked out for the most part. Because as we know, titles don't change hands with a DQ.

Show snapped because of this and chokeslammed Swagger, then hit him with one of those famous knockout punches.

I wonder if they'll put make up on Swagger to sell the punch this time around.

Swagger and Show put on a better match than I anticipated, but it wasn't a classic. I'm not high on Show and haven't been since 2006. Right now, Show is there to help build talent, and he is doing just that.

For Show fans, it would be great to see the big man win the World Heavyweight Title, but even Show knows he doesn't need it.

The man can get over anytime, because he's 7'0", 500 lbs, and he's always going to be shown as a monster who can take it to anyone at anytime, even if he loses for three months before going out in a match.

Thus, Show being involved in the main event should be good enough for him.

The idea is for Swagger to remain until Summerslam at the very least.

So expect him to win at next month's Fatal Four Way. In theory it should be Big Show, Swagger, Punk, and Mysterio for the WHC.

Of course, there is an idea to have The Undertaker involved somehow, but we'll have to see. In the WWE, things can always change.

CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio (Hair vs. Rey joining SES)

I don't care what anyone says, I kinda liked this match.

Not so high on the ending of it, but I loved the match itself. Two of the best workers in the WWE today were out there, and I thought this was just as good if not better than their match at Wrestlemania 26.

Rey Rey ended up winning the match, which meant he didn't have to join the Straight Edge Society.

Since the rivalry is supposed to last past Fatal Four Way, one would think the WWE would have Punk getting his head shaved as an ending of sorts to the rivalry between the two.

One thing we may want to worry about is a CM Punk injury. It's been reported that he suffered an injury to his head. Reports say that he had to get over a dozen staples to close a wound he suffered in his match with Mysterio. Rey Rey's knee brace came across and hit Punk really hard in the head, but it's said he won't miss any time.

And for those who want to know, Punk's head is completely shaved, as it was shaved all the way when he returned to the back.

The Hart Dynasty vs. The Miz and Chris Jericho (Unified Tag Team Championship)

I personally love The Miz and Chris Jericho being a tag team. They are a match made in WWE heaven, if you will. The two are terrific on the mic and I don't think I've seen a tag team this good together mic wise since Edge and Christian.

One is pretty good in the ring (Miz), and the other brilliant (Jericho). They are the perfect team to hate because they can back up what they do in the ring. This is why I don't feel that anyone would be mad seeing the two win tag team gold.

The issue is that The Hart Dynasty hasn't held tag title gold for long. So taking it off of them would be stupid. I think building them up and letting them hold for a few months would be great.

The WWE might be going down that track: The Hart Dynasty beat Mizicho last night to retain the Unified Tag Team Championships.

It would be good to have them hold it a while longer, and then have them lose on RAW in some controversial way—but that's just my opinion.

John Cena vs. Batista ("I Quit" match for the WWE Championship)

Everyone assumed Batista would lose. He said over a year ago that, when his contract with World Wrestling Entertainment was up, he would contemplate retiring. Up until January, Batista was still talking about the option.

Then last month he was taken out of the new WWE Films project "Killing Karma" and replaced with Triple H.

Batista was furious over the change because he had been promised the role for months. WWE reasoned that they didn't want someone not under WWE contract to star in the film. As we know, all of their films star a WWE Superstar as the main character.

This rejection made Batista consider more seriously the decision to leave.

He had either the option to stay and work with the WWE—which wouldn't really work out because he still wouldn't be in the movie as the main character—or he could retire from WWE and instead pursue an acting career in Hollywood.

It was an easy decision. Batista chose to leave.

The WWE had no choice but to have Batista exit in a big way. They had him quit last night in his match with John Cena, which meant Cena retained the WWE Championship.

Gotta hand it to Batista. Even though he was no brilliant in-ring technician, he was a great performer and had a ton of fans. I'm sure he'll be missed by many.

For people who don't know: Batista is in his 40s, the man has had a load of injuries in his time with the WWE, and it's obvious that he needs to slow down physically. I wouldn't rule out an eventual return to the WWE, but only for a short time, never again a full-time role.

He has enough money to last him for a while, but as a big spender, he'll need to hurry up and find a nice role in Hollywood to in order to keep the cash flowing.

Randy Orton vs. Edge

Orton/Edge I personally thought it could have been better, but it wasn't bad, good until the unthinkable. The match ended in an expected double count out, just earlier than what the WWE wanted. 

Reports surfaced saying that Orton and Edge would be involved in the WWE Championship match at Fatal Four Way.

Since the WWE want to continue the rivalry, they didn't want either one to look more dominant than the other just yet.

So the double count out was a terrific idea.

The one thing we now have to worry about is Randy Orton, because the match ended early because of his injury. In the match it looked as if Orton hurt himself badly.

He was in highly noticeable pain during his set up for the RKO. His face said it all, and I thought to myself, "Oh crap!" Not because I was happy to see Edge go down to the RKO, but because I knew something was up.

The official story is that Orton suffered a separated shoulder according to WWE.com.

Orton rolled out of the ring, holding his arm. Edge then came down and starting kicking him, while making sure to stay away from from Orton's obvious injury. Edge then tried to hit Orton with the spear, but Orton moved out of the way, thus causing the double count out.

The ref held up the "X" sign, to signify that an injury had occurred earlier. So trainers were ready to come down.

Afterwards, Jerry Lawler said that Orton may have a shoulder injury based on past issues involving the area.

From the way all of this was covered—and from the way the whole thing panned out—it really looks like it could have been a set up.

Now, I feel Orton really hurt himself and it looks as if he did.

But if he didn't, I say we give the man an Oscar now, because the expression of pain on his face was as real as it gets.

Jim Ross and Ken Anderson commented on the injury.

Jim Ross said via Twitter:

"Looks like WWE may have lost another huge star as Orton's got an arm injury which was obvious from watching ppv. Bad deal."

Anderson, who has a nasty history with Orton said tweeted:

"I have one thing to say: Kharma is a M**********R!!

"And it couldn't have happened... To a NICER GUY!!

If this was a set up, how dumb would Anderson look? I'm just saying.

According to PWinsider.com, there were a swarm of medics checking him out backstage immediately following the bout. So, it looks as if he was hurt bad. We'll see.

For those wondering, a separated shoulder is nothing you can wrestle with. Last time Orton had one, he missed a few months from the WWE.

So, if this is indeed not work, which I don't feel it is, the earliest we may see him would be in August or September, maybe even as late as December.

There is always a chance that it's not as bad as it looked to us or felt at the time to Orton, but ether way, this isn't good for the WWE.


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