A Love Letter to Hockey

David HeereSenior Analyst IJuly 21, 2008

In my local newspaper on Sunday there was a letter to the sports editor complaining about the amount of hockey coverage in the sports section.

This person ranted on like a drunken frat boy about how no one cares about hockey and how college football is the greatest thing since someone fitted a tube to a funnel and poured beer down it.

I have become immune to the insults on my beloved sport from a bunch of cow-towners who could never understand the beauty of hockey. This attack, however, got to me for whatever reason and I decided to write a love letter of sorts, expressing my undying love for this sport.

Dear Hockey,

I have been quietly watching you from the stands since I was a young lad of five years of age. I quickly fell in love with your blistering pace and your unbridled skill. I did not ever doubt your use of fighting or thundering open ice hits because it just completed the ballet of massive Canadians and quick Russians.

My admiration did not falter when my favorite team decided on a defensive style. I enjoyed the countering and positioning like a life-sized chess game. Their one or two goals seemed so much more special and meaningful than the other teams who would score four or five goals.

I never got a chance to play you competitively when I was younger as you were not as popular in my area as you were popular in my heart. Finally the chance came when we got our own professional team and you caught on like a wildfire. Leagues and clubs popped up everywhere and I could finally enjoy you from your glittering smooth surface.

Others do not understand the skills and coordination it takes you play you. I am convinced that no other sport takes as much skill to perform properly as you do. You make me driven to be better so I can one day wow the crowds like so many before me.

Some ridicule you for being boring, awkward, or brutal. They are just jealous of your long and astounding history as well as your die hard fans. You have allowed me to meet so many people based solely on our shared love of you.

You are amazing hockey and I thank you for all the memories so far and all the memories to come.

David Heere

There are plenty of other reasons I follow hockey more than any other sport, but this letter would probably turn into a novel if I listed them all. Post your stories or love confessions about hockey in the comments section.