Deal Or No Deal: Seattle Mariners

Braden MooreAnalyst IJuly 21, 2008

It is no secret that the 2008 season is lost for the Seattle Mariners.  Not even the best finish in baseball history would be able to save them at this point.

Around this time, a team needs to decide what to do with all its aging players and expiring contracts.  The Mariners are no different and have several exciting pieces to consider moving as the trade deadline approaches.  Here is a look at some of the most likely trade targets on the Mariners' roster.

Arthur Rhodes - LHP

Arthur is a left handed (aging) reliever.  The team has no real use for him as they will have minimal situations where they must get a left handed batter out.  Left handed relievers are a precious commodity for pennant races, but his age means that these opportunities won't come in Seattle.  DEAL

Adrian Beltre - 3B

Beltre's name has come up a bunch in trade discussions recently with the Minnesota Twins.  Many people want to see him moved as he has not lived up to his monster 2004 season.  However, I think he has been underrated as a Mariner.  His defense has been outstanding, even winning a Gold Glove last year.  Also, his offensive numbers have been in line with his career averages, pointing to 2004 as an aberration instead of a true measure of his skill.  If possible, I want to see the M's hold onto Beltre as long as possible. NO DEAL

Raul Ibanez - LF

Ibanez has been the Mariners' best and most consistent batter thus far this season, and that is the exact reason he should be moved.  Ibanez is getting older, and there is no guarantee how long he will be able to keep competing at this level.  He has next to no value defensively any more but there are plenty of teams that covet his bat.  I would like to see him moved quickly as to prevent his value from dropping.  DEAL

Ichiro Suzuki - RF

Suzuki is the face of the franchise.  Even though his production is down, and he is drastically overpaid, the team should not move him.  In a purely business decision, the amount of money he brings in from the Japanese market is obscene.  He keeps the franchise financially viable.  NO DEAL

Jarrod Washburn - LHP

Washburn has been much improved lately, and plenty of teams can use more pitching.  However, I do not see any players in the minors ready to come up and be a starter, so moving Washburn would leave a gigantic hole in the roster.  Because of this, I do not think he should be moved.  NO DEAL

Jose Vidro - DH/2B/1B

Vidro is terrible.  Put him out on the block, asking for a ham sandwich in return.  DEAL

At the end of the day, it takes two to tango.  For every player that the team wants to move, there needs to be a partner willing to give up enough in return.  At the end of the day though, interim GM Lee Pelekoudas needs to improve this team.