Matt Barnes Leaves Golden State, Warriors Pursuing Louis Williams?

GoBears 2008Analyst IJuly 21, 2008

It was reported last night by various media sources that the Suns will sign unrestricted FA Matt Barnes.  If this is true, Barnes will become the latest Warrior to depart the team in the off-season

Here is a list of (former) Warriors that have so far gone to other teams, assuming the Warriors do not match the offer sheet for Azubuike:

  • Baron Davis (SG, 29 yrs. old, 21.8 pts., 4.7 rbs., 7.6 apg. in 2007-2008, starter)
  • Kelenna  Azubuike (G/F, 24, 8.5, 4.0, .9, key reserve)
  • Matt Barnes(SF, 28, 6.7,4.4,1.9, reserve)
  • Mikael Pietrus (G/F, 26, 7.2,3.7,.7, reserve)
  • Total: 44.2 ppg, 16.8 rpg, 11.1 apg

(Patrick O'Bryant signed with the Celtics, but his production was negligible)


So far, the Warriors have signed:

  • Corey Maggette (G/F, 28, 22.1, 5.6, 2.7 as a starter)
  • Ronny Turiaf (PF/C, 25, 6.6, 3.9, 1.6 as a reserve)
  • Total: 28.7, 9.5, 4.3


Louis Williams, 21, averaged 11.5, 2.1, and 3.2 last season, and would be a good pickup for a decent price. However, after slightly overpaying for Ronny—still, a good pickup—the Warriors might just be giving the Sixers help down the road by offering a cheap offer sheet that would be matched quickly.

Given the situation—Golden State going young, Philly looking to contend—I wonder if the Sixers would want Harrington or Jackson in a sign-and-trade for Williams and a bad salary (Reggie Evans)?

Or, much less likely and probably wishful thinking, a deal involing both Jackson and Harrington plus a pick for Iguodala?

Harrington is expendable at this point, and Mullin should trade him before his trade value slips.

What do you think?


Edit (7/22/08): The Warriors have acquired Nets PG Marcus Williams for a future lottery-protected first-round pick.