War Games: Un-revived gimmick that needs reviving?

Marcus RolfeContributor IMay 24, 2010

12 Jun 1998:  Kevin Greene in action during the WCW Bash at the Beach at the Cox Arena in San Diego, California. Mandatory Credit: Elsa Hasch  /Allsport
Elsa/Getty Images

    Before I begin I would just like to say this will be one of my first times writing so I hope you will all excuse me if it is a bit rough around the edges or not 100% error proof but any feedback or tips from seasoned writers would be greatly appreciated.

   I have recently been thinking about all the very over-gimmicked WWE events (all match based etc), and although I am not a great fan of this, was contemplating what match I would like to see brought to a PPV.

   To me, it means possibly bringing back a legendary concept from NWA/WCW: War Games. War Games produced some of the greatest matches WCW ever had, and generally always offered something great to watch; even if just for a shock or twist in the norm. My favourite will always be from 1991; The Four Horsemen (who pretty much define this match) against Sting, Brian Pillman and the Steiner’s. Unbelievable match. Anyone who hasn’t seen it I recommend you watch.

    The War Games has inspired so many matches we see now. Eric Bischoff admitted he got most of the idea of the Elimination Chamber from War Games. And you’ve got to believe there’s some of War Games in TNA’s Lethal Lockdown. I feel it would be a great way of bringing multiple feuds to a head, and would a similar and comfortable concept to replace Survivor Series, which WWE seems to have dropped, or thinking about doing so, from this years PPV line-up. Or, get rid of the Bragging Rights show, which is just a poor attempt at another Survivor Series. Bragging Rights could have been better, as it was an interesting concept. It just didn’t deliver anything special in the way of the ‘brand warfare’ side of it.

   I think that War Games could be a great success if brought back as a PPV. Or, if that couldn’t happen, be incorporated into something like Bragging Rights, having a similar match as the main event to decide brand warfare, rather than having an over crowed ten-odd person tag and lower card throw away matches which we can all predict will end in a tie.

   WWE must have some interest in bringing this back, as they chose to put the name ‘War Games’ on a fan vote in to rename Judgment Day. This may be just a coincidental name, but I can hope it may have some connection somewhere. 

   If hope I am not the only one who thinks this is a good idea. And I hope I’ve got people thinking about it as a possibility. I will be very grateful of any comments.