Oregon Ducks 2010 Fashion Preview

Tristan HolmesCorrespondent IMay 24, 2010

PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 01:  Kenjon Barner #24 of the Oregon Ducks runs with the ball against the Ohio State Buckeyes at the 96th Rose Bowl game on January 1, 2010 in Pasadena, California.  (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
Jeff Gross/Getty Images

With spring ball behind us, there is only one major question on every true Duck fan’s mind.

The quarterback competition? No, no, that will sort itself out in good time. I’m talking about the most important thing about this football team.


That’s right, with kickoff only a little over three months away it is time to figure out what uniforms the Ducks should use to inspire their fans, intimidate their opponents, and show off for the TV cameras.

Here is my take on which combinations they should try out for each game in 2010. Feel free to give your own opinions in the comments section.

Sept. 4, vs. New Mexico: The first home game of the season. Keep things simple for what should be a win (even without LaMichael James and Rob Beard). All green: helmets, jerseys, and pants.

Sept. 11 at Tennessee: The traditionalists on Rocky Top are going to be giving the “hippies” from Eugene a hard time no matter what they are wearing. It would be best not to give them any additional ammunition by using one of the more unusual combos. Besides, white is UT color so it would be bad luck to use more than necessary. Go with green helmets, white jerseys with green lettering, and green pants.

Sept. 18 vs. Portland State: There is no excuse for Oregon to lose this game. In fact there is no legitimate reason any Ducks starters should still be in the game midway through the third quarter. This seems like as safe a time as any to try something new. It is time to break out the “steel” helmets, paired with green jerseys and chrome pants.

Sept. 25 at Arizona State: This seems like a good time to start using some of the black options. But I don’t like the uniform combos that don’t have any school colors prominent. A compromise then: black helmets, white jerseys with green lettering, and green pants.

Oct. 2 vs. Stanford: A revenge game against a potential conference championship contender at night on ESPN. Last year Oregon broke out the '90s throwbacks against a highly regarded opponent from the bay area the first week of conference play. That worked out all right, so stick with it.

Oct. 9 at Washington State: This would seem like a good opportunity to pull out the “stormtrooper” look, if it weren’t for a troubling pattern. All three games the Ducks lost last year they had two or more “white” parts to their outfit.

The Cougars don’t seem to be much of a threat this coming year, but I don’t want to tempt fate and have the Ducks on the wrong end of a major upset. We’ll settle for green helmets, white jerseys with chrome lettering, and green pants.

Oct. 21 vs UCLA: This is a Thursday night prime time match up on ESPN, so it is time to break out the flashy stuff. I didn’t like the “bumblebee” ensemble from last year though, so we’ll tweak it a little bit: green helmets, yellow jerseys, and green pants.

Oct. 30 at USC: The Trojans will be looking for payback after last year’s “Fright Night.” It will only be the day before Halloween, but we need to throw some black in to not repeat a combo and to avoid using two white pieces at once (see above). Use the away version of the uniforms from last year’s big win: green helmets, white jerseys with green lettering, and black pants.

Nov. 6 vs. Washington: Given the hate in this rivalry, the full on “Daffy” ensemble would be appropriate. But I think we have to have some school colors displayed at all times, so we’ll do something new: green helmets, black jerseys, and black pants.

Nov. 13 at Cal: Given the restrictions of using only one white piece at a time and having some green or yellow always displayed, I’m running out of options. Still, this combo worked at Arizona last year so we’ll try it again: green helmets, white jerseys with chrome lettering, and black pants.

Nov. 26 vs. Arizona: The last meeting between these two teams was an “instant classic” according to ESPN, and I think most Ducks fans agree. Wildcat fans are looking for different ending to this classic tale, so Oregon needs an outfit that inspires grit and determination: black helmets, green jerseys, and black pants.

Dec. 4 at Oregon State: The Ducks have broken the hearts of Beaver Nation by not once, but twice now blocking their path to the Rose Bowl. The Super Rodgers Bros. will do everything in their power to send James out on a high note.

Given that black is a Beaver color, this would also be a good game to try out an all white ensemble. But this is the Civil War and deserves an outfit that shows just how unyielding both sides will be: steel helmets, white jerseys with chrome lettering, and green pants.

As for any possible bowl game, a lot depends of what the colors of the opposition are, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Oregon Ducks football 2010: Winning Games and Looking Good Doing It!