C M Punk Faces Mysterio: Tonight He Met His Match and Fate

lee raydeanCorrespondent IMay 24, 2010

I am sitting here watching OTL and the match between Rey Mysterio and C M Punk. The purpose of this match was because of the nasty feud that wouldn't stop until tonight.

It all came to a head and it was quite disastrous for Punk. I have never seen Punk get and take so much punishment before.

This match went like this: If Mysterio won, Punk would have to shave his head BALD. Honestly. I thought that SES would've won, but I was surprised when no one came out with Punk.

If the leader of SES won, Rey would be forced to join Punk's society. I just couldn't see it coming down to Rey having to do that. Couldn't see Punk bald either.

Rey came out to thunderous applause. He was ready for the task that lay in front of him.

The barber chair was down at ringside, with a cart next to it, filled with shaving cream, towels, and clippers just for Punk.

In the beginning, it was evenly matched. Both men each had their share of near pin falls. Rey began to get the best of Punk. Mysterio was in control of the match and he let it be known that this was going to be the last night for this feud. It has to end somewhere.

Someone has to end it. Both superstars tried to win in a short time, but it wasn't going to be that easy. Instead it was brutal. That was to be expected in this match.

Rey had Punk out on the at floor and Rey threw him into the partition that goes around the ring. When Punk's head hit that partition, he ended up with a cut on his forehead.

The paramedics came in and was attending to Punk's injury. That gave Rey time to recover from Punk more or less throwing him on the mat and Rey slid out of the ring and landed head first into the barber chair.

Rey, didn't give up. No matter what, he could not lose this match. He made a vow not to lose. He went into that ring knowing what could've happened.

Punk became irate and went after Rey with a vengeance. I thought that this is it, but I was wrong. After everything these two went through, Punk laid on Rey trying to pin him, thinking he was knocked out. I was surprised yet again.

Mysterio got Punk into a crucifix roll up and the ref counted one, two, three. It was over—Rey didn't have to join SES but Punk was indeed due for a haircut.

Before anyone got shaved, the masked wonder of SES jumped into the ring and attacked Rey from behind. Punk called for Serena and Gallows. Luke brought two pairs of handcuffs and gave them to his leader.

Just then, Kane's music came on and the big red machine went after the masked wonder and Gallows. The path was clear for Rey to get to Punk. Mysterio put the cuffs on Punk's wrist and cuffed him to the ropes.

There was no getting away from it. Punk was doomed. There was no one there to help him, to save him. Rey got the clippers and shaved Punk's head, well at least most of it. Mysterio showed Punk his shaved head in a mirror.

The leader of SES was humiliated and embarrassed. Serena put a towel over his head and took him into the back.

Is this the end of SES? Will Punk hide out till his hair grows out? Is this the end of the feud or just the beginning? Punk is going to want retribution in a big way. I think this is going to start a new chapter in the WWE.