Where is the "Real" Kimi Raikkonen?

Madan GopalCorrespondent IJuly 21, 2008

It feels strange to have the title of an article as a question. But that is the exact question that I have been asking myself over the last few Grand Prix races. The last victory Kimi Raikkonen had was a dominant one in Barcelona, Spain in April 2008. Nearly three months have gone by and the Finn is yet to win a race.

He has come close to winning but circumstances have denied him the much needed victory. He could have won in Canada, he should have won in France, and he may have won in Silverstone with the right strategy. But the reality is he did not win any of these races. He did collect points in the French and Silverstone race though, which might be crucial in the end.

Coming to the just concluded German GP, he qualified sixth, although there was very little to separate positions three through six. He was on a heavier fuel load and got stuck behind Jarno Trulli's Toyota and was able to jump him during the pit stops.

However, while watching the race as well as the live-timing on the official Formula One website, I couldn't help but notice that it took him a while to get out of the pits. Agreed, he had to queue behind Massa but that delay might have cost him some time.

However, I saw a more determined Kimi after that pit stop, where he passed four cars to finally end up sixth and collect three more valuable points. Although he was nowhere in contention for the victory, he had a determined race and this aspect of Kimi is what I've been waiting for.

He had a bad start to his season last year but had a similar determined drive at Indianapolis and then things changed for the better. Hopefully history will repeat itself and I just hope this German race does the trick for Kimi. Although, I have to admit that there have been far too many listless races for the defending champion and that is still a cause for concern.

So, if at all the defending champion reads this (yeah right...dream on), please give us that old Kimi back, who used to push like there is no tomorrow. There are many fans of Kimi who are eagerly awaiting the "real" Kimi, the one from 2005.

I just want to see a more "aggressive" Kimi turn up at each and every race here on in and make it an exciting three-driver battle till the end.