Gulf Coast Sports Talk Radio Provides Ultimate Fundraiser For Miracle League

Brandon HamblenAnalyst IMay 23, 2010

Penasola, Florida - It was a beautiful Florida day for a good ole fashioned Southern-style barbecue, and what goes better with barbecue than professional wrestling? 

Gulf Coast Sports Talk Radio hosted its inaugural BBQ Cookoff, Car & Bike Show headlined by Ultimate Wrestling.

Ultimate Wrestling's General Manager, Diana Drake-Hearse, got the event rolling by introducing her Ultimate Wrestling Power Hour co-host, Mr. Internet. 

Mr. Internet, who is also the co-host of the video blog, Front Row Fanatics, interviewed referee Danny Wright about Bruiserweight Maze's alleged loaded knee pad. 

Maze joined them in the ring, and to no one's surprise Maze once again denied any allegations.  Referee Danny Wright vowed to check Maze's kneepads extra close before his match.


Black Wolf vs. Mr. Electricity Jerry Reiner

The opening bout featured the youngster, Black Wolf, with his legions of Black Wolf Pack fans taking on the grizzled veteran, Jerry Reiner. 

The crowd was split along age lines for this match up as the younger crowd was howling for Black Wolf; while the older crowd cheered for Mr. Electricity. 

Black Wolf set the tempo at quite a fast pace in the early parts of the donnybrook prompting Reiner to ask for a time out. 

The momentum shifted back and forth throughout the match until Black Wolf hit a triple vertical suplex that would have made the late Eddie Guerrero scream Viva La Raza, but following a lateral press for a two count, the veteran, Jerry Reiner beat Black Wolf to the punch and regain control of the brawl.

Reiner wore down Black Wolf with high impact strikes and an old school submission, the Figure Four Leg Lock. 

Black Wolf was able to reach the ropes, forcing Mr. Electricity to break the hold, but the damage was done. 

As Black Wolf struggled to get to his feet, the veteran Reiner landed his finisher, the Shining Wizard.

Black Wolf again showed his ever improving ring sense and was able to get a hand on the ropes before the three count. 

After regaining the momentum, Black Wolf was able to lift Mr. Electricity up and deliver a thunderoous power slam and get the 1,2,3 victory.

Black Wolf defeated Mr. Electricity Jerry Reiner by pin fall (5:57)


Story of the Year Brian Caige vs. Mr. USA TA Jones

After Caige was introduced, he, as usual, grabbed a mic and started talking. 

Caige made sure to point out that Suicydal Soulja had not shown up for their match today, but Ultimate management had finally given him a worthy opponent, Mr. USA TA Jones.

TA gained the early advantage forcing Caige to re-evaluate his game plan outside the ring, but once again Mr. USA was able to get control until the Story of the Year countered a chin lock with a well executed jaw breaker.

After working the Tag Team Champion over, Caige climbed to the top rope, and delivered his Showstopping Elbow Drop to TA right in the middle of the ring. 

Showing his trademark toughness, TA was able to get the shoulder up before the three count.

Just as Mr. USA was building some momentum, Caige evaded a corner splash, rolled TA up with a handful of tights, and got the cheap three much to the antipathy of the crowd.

Story of the Year Brian Caige defeats Mr. USA TA Jones by pin fall (6:39)


Bruiserweight Maze vs. Cruiserweight Champion "The Evolution" Robin Golphin

Referee Danny Wright did as he said he would and thoroughly checked Maze for any loaded equipment prior to the match.

As Robyn is one of a very few that Maze has a height advantage on, the Bruiserweight brought out the heavy artillery for this battlle hitting a huge body slam early in the match. 

The Evolution struck back using his quickness to get behind Maze, roll him up and get a near fall.

With the Bruiserweight back in control, Maze went for his patented double underhook suplex. 

Playing to the crowd, Maze tells them he threw Golphin over the trees. 

He followed up with an Irish Whip and a well placed drop kick right on the Evolution's nose. 

After the drop kick, Maze may have made a mistake by arrogantly covering Golphin and allowing him to get the shoulder up.

I say it may have been a mistake, because following a string of near falls by both combatants and an ill fated decision to climb to the top ropes by Maze, The Evolution sent Maze back to the Dark Ages with a nasty De-Evolution that left Maze completely unconsious for a short while.

With Maze in La-La Land, the Cruiserweight Champion was able to get the three count with a lateral press.

The Evolution Robyn Golphin defeated Bruiserweight Maze by pin fall (7:16)


Main Event: All-Star Battle Royal

The Main Event of the show was the battle royal using the Royal Rumble format. 

Two wrestlers start and a new one joins each minute thereafter. 

To be eliminated, a contestant must go over the top rope, and both feet must touch the ground.


Order of Enrty

1. El ScarYachi (start)

2. Lenny Scootermeyer (start)

3. Black Wolf (1:00)

4. Amish Assassin and Party Gras Justin Stone (2:00)

6. Buddah Bushido (3:00)

7. Mr. Electricity Jerry Reiner (4:00)

8. TA Jones (5:00)

9. The Evolution Robyn Golphin (6:00)

10. Brian Caige (7:00)

11. Bruiserweight Maze (8:00)

12. Pure Doug Pitt (9:00)


Order of Elimination (time eliminated, eliminated by )

1. El ScarYachi (6:32, Amish Assassin )

2. Brian Caige (11:27, Justin Stone )

3. Lenny Scootermeyer (12:37, TA Jones )

4. Robyn Golphin (13:13, Jerry Reiner )

5. Jerry Reiner (13:32, Maze )

6. Pure Doug Pitt (15:07 TA Jones )

7. Black Wolf (15:21 Amish Assassin )

8. Buddah Bushido (16:52, TA Jones and Amish Assassin )

9. TA Jones (17:24, Maze and Amish Assassin )

10. Maze (17:49, Amish Assassin and Justin Stone )

11. Justin Stone (19:35, Amish Assassin while Stone was distracted by Maze)

All-Star Battle Royal winner is Amish Assassin


Other Notes and tidbits

Get ready Ultimate Wrestling fans, I have received word from Ultimate Wrestling CEO Alexander Hearse III that the Milestone III video will be available for purchase June 5, 2010 at Out-Of-Control in Pensacola, Florida. 

The price will be $12.99. 

I was fortunate enough to receive an advance copy, and let me tell you, fans, if you were at Milestone III you're going to want a copy of this DVD featuring commentary from Mr. Internet, Jerry Reiner, Maze and many others. 

If you weren't able to be at the Milestone III show, you need a copy of this DVD so you can see the amazing matches including all four Championships being defended in one incredible evening.

Former Ultimate Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Kory "Shooter" Jackson said he is returning to wrestling full-time on the May 18, 2010 edition of the Ultimate Wrestling Power Hour.

I haven't received word on his official return, but he did wrestle Lenny Scootermeyer at "Milton Massacre" last month.

Not all in attendance were impressed by Buddah Bushido's debut.  

Ultimate Wrestling superfan Matt Clark said, "No, not really," when asked if he was impressed with the Oriental one's debut. 

The crowd chanted "Buddah, Buddah, Buddah" following his elimination. 

Buddah is the latest product of the Ultimate Training Academy, and the self proclaimed No. One karate guy.

All proceeds including wrestler's purses went to support Miracle League of Pensacola. 

Miracle League is a non-profit organization which provides physically and mentally challenged children, along with MLB, the opportunity to play baseball with specially designed ball fields. 

You can learn more about their organization at their web site  or

Ultimate Wrestling and Gulf Coast Sports Talk Radio would like to thank the many neighborhood churches, local musical talent, and area businesses who participated. 

This reporter would like to sends a special thanks out to Arlene's BBQ for sending me home with a delicious full slab of ribs!

Front Row Fanatics (pictured above from left to right; Mr. Internet, Elixiandra Page, and The Gargoyle) were in attendance. 

If you are curious about Gulf Coast wrestling, you can follow their video blogs of area shows on at Frontrowfanatics2. 


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