Josh Smith in a Mavericks Uniform Would Be Ideal

Monty SinghSenior Analyst IJuly 21, 2008

In my opinion, the best available free agent is rising star Josh Smith. He should already be on a roster, but there are various problems going on right now.

Smith recently stated he does not want to return to the Hawks because of coach Woodson. Smith and Woodson had many confrontations off and on the court last season. Woodson signed a two year extension, so he is sticking around.

Smith later denied that, saying he did not re-sign with the Hawks because of the low offer they gave him. He is already one of the best defenders in the NBA and has athleticism that every team should want.

The Hawks believe they actually could be better without him. He does have a lot of problems with his attitude, but just needs the right situation for him to blossom.

This is where the Dallas Mavericks come in. Remember Jason Kidd and Kenyon Martin? Well now imagine Kidd and Smith on the fast break.

The Mavericks are a perfect fit for Smith. They need a defender and Smith is that man. He can run the floor and block shots as good as anyone in the league.

The scenario for Smith ending up in Dallas is to sign and trade him for Josh Howard.

Howard had a productive season, but disappeared in the playoffs. Maybe he should have laid off the weed. He has problems off the court and may have been a distraction for the team.

Rick Carlisle praises defense and Howard can disappear from that at times. With Kidd, Jason Terry, Smith, Dirk Nowitski, and Desagna Diop, the Mavericks would have a shot at returning to the championship.

Kidd had the ability to make Martin look like a top 10 player in the NBA and got to finals with the Nets. Smith would be able to do similar things Martin did in New Jersey.

The Hawks, on the other side of things, would get another scorer next to Joe Johnson. They would be better off without Josh Smith taking poor shots.

A lineup of Mike Bibby, Johnson, Howard, Marvin Williams, and Al Horford will have them as a team to look out for in the playoffs.

Williams will also I believe be more comfortable next season with Howard there. The floor will be more spread out with Howard creating a lot for the athletic lineup.

If the Hawks and Mavericks are smart they would get a deal like this done. Both will benefit and go from low playoff seeded teams to contenders.