WWE Smackdown! A Review in 5 Notable Points.

Dan PowerSenior Analyst IMay 22, 2010


For those who have not noticed yet, Smackdown! is by far my favorite wrestling show. The Kingdom of Mid-Carders offers infinite angle possibilities.

With one of the best heel stable of the last few years, probably THE best since Evolution, Smackdown! comes week after week, with pure entertaining.  

The Straight Edge Society keeps on carrying the Friday night brand on its shoulders. The stable might continue its growing in the next weeks. There is already a mystery member and Rey Mysterio might join them if he loses at Over The Limit.

In addition to that story-line, I also would like to underline five other great things we have seen in the last episode of Smackdown!


1- Curt Hawkins and Vance Archer.

Hawkins is back with a new aggressive and cocky attitude.  But only for 22 days; and he wants to make an impact before his contract expires.

The new duo in town has been impressive despite they have only defeated two jobbers.

They had a great chemistry together and an interesting move set.  In addition, they have displayed more than decent mic skills.

Hopefully, that 22 days contract is only an angle.  I'd be curious to see them on a long term and discover what they are really capable to do.


2- The Big Show's promos.

I really enjoyed his short segments in which he mocks Jack Swagger.  

I particularly liked when he described every beating he gave to Swagger and finished with these words and a huge smile: ''This was impressive; that is one of my many accomplishments''.

These promos became instant classics and reminded me of Mr. Perfect promos, but with more humor.


3- Jack Swagger vs. Kofi Kingston.

For the first time ever, those two grapplers have met in a ring.

Both Swagger and Kingston delivered a very solid match.  In fact, it was a pay-per-view caliber battle.

The only think I don't get is why the creative team continues to make Swagger looking weak in the showdown leading to Over The Limit.


4- Christian and his Peep Show.

In the segment to promote his upcoming Peep Show, Christian was simply hilarious.  

Even Vickie Guererro pulled out a great acting performance.  The expression on her face was priceless when she learned she didn't even make the top 100 of the most wanted guests.

It's hard to believe, but Captain Charisma achieved something I tought was impossible: he made Horswoggle looking actually entertaining.

The segment ended greatly with Vickie Guererro's interruption and Christian being assaulted by Chavo and Dolph Ziggler.


5- Big Show vs. Drew McIntyre.

With that other first ever encounter, Smackdown! has proven there are countless potential scenarios for strong story-lines and for quality one-night-only events.

The match itself was not extraordinary, but it was interesting to finally see Swagger making a statement over Big Show.

The "All-American American" didn't end with the upper hand, but he has shown he would not be an easy victim for the Largest athlete in the world.


In conclusion, it was great TV to see the four Smackdown! top card wrestlers at the coming pay-per-view in singles matches; it was way better than the usual tag team bouts.

Overall, it was an outstanding show and I would even give a 9.5/10.  It succeeded in creating exciting hype for the upcoming Over The Limit.

What do you all think about Smackdown! in general and tonight's show?