How Batista Could Defeat John Cena in an "I Quit"

The Animalistic-Viper LP23Correspondent IMay 21, 2010

The Batista vs. John Cena fued is coming to an end now. They had two matches for the WWE Championship and John Cena won both, at WrestleMania XXVI he defeated Batista with the STFU, which Batista has never tapped out in his career but somehow he does against Cena.

Then at WWE Extreme Rules, they had a Last Man Standing Match and John Cena used Duct-Tape to defeat Batista, that really took it to far. It's an infamous screwjob to Batista if you ask me. Well there are rumors on many wrestling sources saying Batista will leave the WWE after Over The Limit.

Well, that's not the case if you ask me, nobody knows what Batista's future is right now.

Who all remembers the "I Quit" match between The Rock and Mankind at the Royal Rumble 1999? Mankind was so unconscious that he couldn't even get up, but The Rock used pre-recordings of Mankind saying "I Quit" and The Rock went on to win his second WWE Championship that night. It was a screwjob to Mankind if you ask me.

Now, we all know Batista could destroy John Cena and lay him out on his back. In their match at Over The Limit, Batista could just in fact do that and demolish Cena. And then when Batista gets the mic to ask Cena if he quits, he can use a pre-recording sound of John Cena saying "I Quit."

And John Cena has been saying "I Quit" a lot of times when he was choosing the match stipulation for they're match at Over The Limit. So Batista could do that and become New WWE Champion. And John Cena can't make any excuses because he even said if he lost to Batista in this match he will not revoke his rematch clause, because he believes that if you're a quitter you shouldn't be champion.

So with Batista as New WWE Champion, that leaves Cena out of the main event scene and WWE Title picture. Instead Cena could be fueding with Sheamus or a young mid carder on Monday Night RAW to give them a push in the WWE. Because if Cena was to defeat Batista, first off how does that look on Batista, first he taps out, then loses to duct tape, then he quits.

No, it doesn't seem fair to me. I think it's time for a change in the WWE, and this is the perfect time to do it, at Over The Limit. Let's face it, we all know WWE is not going to let their top face say "I Quit." And we all know he has that I-never-quit attitude, but if Cena was to lose, it would bring his confidence down and he would be disappointed in himself.

And also if Cena retains, who wants to see another Cena vs. Edge, Cena vs. Orton, Cena vs. HHH, Cena vs. Jericho fued for the WWE Championship? Umm I think no one does, but if Batista becomes the new champion, he could re-sign his contract and entertain us. Remember, even people who dislike Batista admitted that his heel character is very interesting, entertaining, and watchable.

Plus, Batista's mic skills have improved, so he can do promos every time now. A good thing about if Batista becomes New WWE Champion is we can see old feuds become fresh new feuds, for example:

Batista vs. Orton: They only had two matches at Armagendon 2008 and Extreme Rules 2009. Batista won both matches and at the time Orton was heel and Batista was a face, it would be interesting now since Batista is a heel and Orton is a face. "The Animal vs. The Viper."

Batista vs. Sheamus: This could be like a Batista vs. Triple H fued of 2005, but it's different—Batista would be Triple H and Sheamus would be Batista, and it would be a new fresh feud. "The Animal vs. The Celtic Warrior."

Batista vs. John Morrison: This feud would definitely be new and it could push John Morrison to become a main eventer in the WWE.

Batista vs. Chris Jericho: They also only had two matches, and Batista won one match and Jericho won one, maybe later this year Jericho could turn face and become Y2J again. Last time they battled was in November 2008.

Batista vs. Edge: It has been done before but remember Batista has never defeated Edge in a World Championship Match before, it would be a Heel vs. Heel Fued.

Well I want your opinions and your thoughts, should Batista make Cena say "I quit," with pre-recordings and become New WWE Champion? Either way if you think about it, it would be a smart decision for the WWE, and they'll be unpredictable and we get something new.

We won't find out until WWE Over The Limit, this Sunday, who will "quit," John Cena or Batista?