Will The Real RAW GM Please....Play The Game?

The Rough RyderContributor IMay 21, 2010

With a new RAW General Manager being named this Monday, there is a lot of names who could take over the position. Some names seem possible while others don't make much sense. I think Triple H seems to make the most sense as the person taking over the GM position and this is why:

1. He has been gone almost a month. Triple H isn't badly hurt just banged up. He's not going to stay away much longer. I don't think he appears at Over The Limit. Sheamus is not in a match for Triple H to interupt. But if Sheamus trys to go after Cena that night, then Triple H might appear. If that happens, he's probably not the GM.

2. It would continue to fuel is rivalry with Sheamus. Sheamus is going to be under the impression he is getting the next title shot after Over The Limit. But with Triple H as GM he would put Sheamus in a tough spot to get the title. Sheamus in a Fatal Four Way match at the next PPV Fatal 4 Way would be that tough spot.

3. It will NOT be Vickie Guerrero. After tonight's Smackdown, you will see she seems to be busy with Lay-Cool among other things. They also wouldn't say she is being replaced and then just keep her anyway.

4. It will NOT be William Regal. Regal is busy on NXT. Even though Sheffield was eliminated, Regal is still "voting" in the stupid pro's poll, and seemed to be involved with the Daniel Bryan angle this Tuesday so he will most likely keep appearing on the show.

5. It will NOT be Bret Hart. While it remains to be seen how he gets rid of the United States Title, Bret is very easy to read. I watched an interview he did that Monday before he threw out a pitch for the Toronto Blue Jays, and he showed me that he is pretty sure he will not have a regular role soon. Bret even gave away his WWE return in interviews in January, he would have hinted at a GM position.

6. Teddy Long...Teddy seems interesting to me. From what i read, Vickie seemed like she got more face time on Smackdown tonight. Plus, there has to be a way to get him away from Drew McIntyre as that angle isn't going to last forever. Teddy is possible for the RAW GM spot in my mind.

7. It will NOT be Ted DiBiase Sr. Why would he become GM when he could be by his son's side or involved with his son some how. It would be so random if he was the GM. Ted Jr. has not yet established his new trust fund gimmick as it just started, so an angle with his father won't happen at this point in time. If at all.

8. It will NOT be Steve Austin or The Rock. All I have to say is. HOLLYWOOD! MOVIES! FILM! THEY....ARE....BUSY. So yea.

9. Triple H is "the son in law."

Triple H or Teddy Long = New General Manager of RAW.


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