Israel Vazquez vs. Rafael Marquez: Hopefully This Is the Fourth and Final

Tyler CurtisAnalyst IMay 21, 2010

I have been a boxing fan for quite some time now, and tomorrow night will be the first time I watch a fight with both excitement and fear on my mind.

I am, of course, talking about the fourth Rafael Marquez-Israel Vazquez fight. These men are extraordinary warriors and will once again go toe to toe.

I will also say I am most worried about Vazquez because of his eye. Marquez went through the same three fights, but I feel he is in much better standing that Vazquez.

I really don’t want to throw a wet towel on this fight, but I truly am worried. If you have seen a picture of Vazquez’s eye, you may be worried too.

It has undergone multiple surgeries and just doesn’t look good. After the third fight with Marquez his retina was detached and required three surgeries to fix.

Both men took tuneup fights last year and had very different results. Marquez mowed his opponent down and Vazquez struggled mightily.

Marquez fought Jose Francisco Mendoza, who had an empty record of 21-2-2 and hadn’t won since 2006. Marquez didn’t look like his old self, but he mowed right through Mendoza as he should have.

Vazquez was a different story altogether. He fought Angel Antonio Priolo and struggled mightily. Priolo was on a six-fight losing streak coming in and also had an empty record.

Vazquez knocked him out in nine but did it very unimpressively. He looked old and slow. The scorecards at the time had one at 78-74 and two at 76-76.

Through nine rounds with a nobody he had a draw going. As far as the 78-74 card goes, it was a complete gift, from what I hear.

Vazquez just looked old and looked like he shouldn’t be in the ring anymore. Marquez looked older but not shot. I’ll say it now, Vazquez is shot.

I am legitimately worried about the health of Vazquez. I will be watching this fight with a "one eye closed" face. It just seems like a matter of time until Vazquez is hurt for good.

He has been in more wars than Marquez and just seems shot. My prediction is Marquez is going to knock him out in the middle rounds.

He was already on Vazquez’s level, and now that Vazquez has slowed down I think he will handle him rather easily.

I caution you to not tune in and expect to see a fight like the first three. Don’t tune in and expect to see those fights equaled.

When you tune in, expect a good fight between two aging warriors. Let's hope that they put on one last fight and call it a day.

These warriors thrilled the fans for a long time. Now it is time for them to ride into the sunset and live a happy life.