Have the Wrestling Bookers Really Done a Horrible Job in TNA and WWE?

Travis SmithAnalyst IIMay 21, 2010

The WWE has officially lost its magical touch as of late with baby faces and heels.

People pay good money to watch effective heels drive fans nuts and see the good guys kick ass each and every week but as of late, the WWE has really made all of their characters stale.

I could go on the record and say the WWE is at its greatest point today and alot of folks would believe me, but it's not the case at all. The bookers of the WWE have really dropped the ball as of late with storylines, pushes, and even development of characters.

Look at recent RAW and SmackDown shows. When you watch the show, you do not really see much of a difference between the heels and you don't see any baby faces try new things. The wrestling community is starting to grow tired of the same old crap each and every week.

I know a lot of fans are tired of seeing John Cena be just like Hulk Hogan and kiss up to the kids and parents of the WWE. It makes diehard fans want to puke because it's the same old drill each week with the same talent getting the spotlight.

Chris Jericho's character has grown stale. It seems like he hasn't changed at all in almost two years since his heel turn.

People loved wrestling in the Attitude era because it was counter culture wrestling at its best and it was unpredictable.

Who should be at fault for this? The WWE bookers.

Look at how cheesy these storylines have gotten since the PG era came into effect several years ago. It makes diehard fans, like me, cringe to see the same storylines over and over again, and the worst part about it is that it isn't even violent. PG should not be in wrestling because wrestling is a violent sport and it's adult friendly with the blood, sweat, and tears.

Before any fans complain about my negative views on WWE or pro wrestling in general, try to name one good thing that wrestling has to offer to people that may be interested in it? When you think about it, you can't find a good reason.

I used to watch wrestling non stop all the time, but over the last year when I watch, I will say "Wow, I am seeing the same damn match for the third week in a row!!"

The WWE bookers give us the same old garbage each week. WWE needs to get some better writers and bookers on the staff like they use to have in the early 2000's. You never saw the same old stuff in ECW or WCW back in 1996-1997, or even in the WWF Attitude era, so why does pro wrestling think that repeating the same matches each week is going to attract more fans?

I just don't understand WWE or TNA's thinking on these ideas and very crappy storylines that they offer us as of late. It's something that isn't fun to watch and it's a way to kill the wrestling industry in general.

So if wrestling is going to get fixed up, then both WWE and TNA need to get some passionate, well rounded people to come up with this stuff like Paul Heyman, Jim Cornette, or even Ric Flair.

Vince Russo is a horrible booker. He killed WCW and made TNA unwatchable at times, so why have him as your main booker in TNA? I don't get it.

If the wrestling bookers keep up the shitty work, then they may end up being out of work period!