The Ultimate Fighter Season 11: Episode Eight Recap

Jay BrennanCorrespondent IMay 20, 2010

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The show kicked off with Uscola receiving the news of his son being born.

Kris McCray admitted that he is the underdog in his Wild Card bout with Uscola.

Tito Ortiz said he is going to watch from the bleachers and let them fight it out like men.


Kyacey Uscola vs. Kris McCray Wild Card Fight

Round One

Both fighters touched gloves and started to trade immediately.

Uscola delivered a nice leg kick that caused damage to McCray’s left leg. McCray showed the pain in his face. Uscola went for the kill, but ended up on his back after McCray took him down.

Uscola rode the fence up and they clinched.

McCray threw some knees to Uscola’s left thigh during the clinch.

McCray landed an illegal blow to Uscola’s groin, which caused the referee to step in.

Uscola walked it off and they restarted the round.

Uscola and McCray traded until Uscola executed a wizard.

McCray got up right away and returned the favor. McCray picked up Uscola like a little girl and dumped him.

McCray took Uscola’s back and worked for a rear naked choke to no avail as the round ended.

10-9 McCray

Round Two

Uscola went for a right-handed bomb, but missed.

McCray took down Uscola and worked from side control.

McCray defeated Uscola with a key lock to advance.

Winner by submission: Kris McCray


Coaches’ Meeting

Dana White had a sit-down with Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell to set up the next round of fights.

Liddell and White talked about Court McGee deserving a third round in his decision lost.

Ortiz suggested that they set up a rematch between Nick Ring and McGee.

White eventually agreed with Ortiz, which prompted Liddell to complain.


The House

The fighters speculated that there was some big news.

Dana White arrived at the house to make an announcement.


Next Round Fight Announcement

Nick Ring vs. Court McGee

Kyle Noke vs. Kris McCray

Brad Tavares vs. Seth Baczynski

Jamie Yager vs. Josh Bryant


The House

Forrest Griffin showed up at the house with the new UFC video game.

The fighters had the chance to play the new game.


Doctor’s Office

The doctor told Nick Ring that he tore his ACL and needed surgery.

Ring talked about his decision on whether to stay and risk further injury or to have the surgery now.


The House

Dana White showed up at the house and asked to speak with Nick Ring.

White stated that the doctor told him that Ring had a knee injury, but he could compete if he wanted to.

Ring told White that he could not continue with the competition.

White advised the cast that a decision would be made soon.

Hammortree ran outside and told White that he wanted the fight with McGee.

White was impressed and immediately decided Hammortree would get the fight.

Henle appeared very upset with the decision and told White he would fight anyone in the house if given another opportunity.


Court McGee vs. James Hammortree 

Round One

Both fighters were visibly eager to trade strikes.

McGee went for the takedown, but was stuffed.

Hammortree landed a leg kick, but McGee caught it and took him down.

McGee took his back, but Hammortree got up fairly easily.

Hammortree’s striking didn’t appear as technical and he didn’t listen to Ortiz’s instructions about throwing out the jab.

McGee took Hammortree down, though Hammortree escaped quickly.

McGee went for the takedown, but was stuffed again.

McGee attempted a spinning back kick, but ended up being taken down by Hammortree.

McGee ended the round on top of Hammortree.

McGee 10-9

Round Two

Hammortree shot in for the takedown, but got caught in a guillotine choke.

Winner by submission: Court McGee



Hammortree was upset about getting caught in the submission.

Dana White said that he is impressed with Court McGee.



Team Ortiz received shocking news, which appears to have something to do with Tito Ortiz’s fight with Chuck Liddell.

A post-fight disturbance took place between Ortiz and Liddell.


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