Cesc Febregas Leaving. Catastrophe Or Blesssing?

M. IkramContributor IMay 20, 2010

MADRID, SPAIN - FEBRUARY 25:  Rafael van der Vaart and Wesley Sneijder of Real Madrid warm up during the Champions League Round of 16, First Leg match between Real Madrid and Liverpool at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu on February 25, 2009 in Madrid, Spain.  (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)
Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

This is the week that every Arsenal fan feared will be inevitable and it has come and personally i don't think there is any time better then now for this deal to happen. The second or first prized asset(RVP and Cesc 'which ever way you look at it') of Arsenal is leaving Emirates for Camp Nou, the word is that he may be out before the end of this weekend and he's leaving for 30 million, 40 million, 60 million or may be an outrageous price of 80 million. But one thing is for sure that he had an emotional face to face conversation with Arsene Wenger around two days ago and in that he told him his desire to go to his native club. According to many experts its a disaster for Arsenal and Arsene Wenger if Cesc abandon the ship at this time where alot of players are developing and playing with each other from last few years. Also it will not only disrput the hamony of the squad and will create doubts in the mind of RVP but possibily Wenger and his philosphy will be seen as a big faliure. But the question is; will it be a positive move for Wenger or Arsenal will go backwards from here and leave Wenger and his team in the wilderness of a desert without the possibility of water.

Just for the sake of superstition, Arsenal might win something next year because since Cesc is in the team and the leader of the current inexperienced by highly talented individuals, we often play like champions but certainly not good enough to challenge our opposition mentally, where i will only blame the captain for that but no doubt he is given his all for Arsenal. its Just a superstition, but lets calclute the real possibilities and what can Arsenal get from this, shall we.

Lets says Cesc leaves and we get round about 50 million for him(which is think is petty decent). Overall we will be having 90 million to spend on new players (40 million already in the bank), by having such amount of money it may be the very first time that we will be able to compete with the likes of Barca, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Man United and Man City in the transfer market, which i believe is a great plus; given Wenger spend it intelligently and on proven players not just 19 year olds. But another hurdle comes in the tricky path of Wenger and which is; who should he buy with the 90 million in his back account.

Possible Blessings:

The Dutch Brace of Wesley Sneijder and Rafael van der vaart

Wesley Sneijder: one of the best players in the world and certainly the back bone of Netherlands  midfield and without a doubt he can help Arsenal achieve what they have been missing from past 5 years.For the argument sake, you might ask what makes me think that after a very successful campaign with Inter this maestro will be willing to move away from San Siro.

Jose Mourinho, who was the master mind of Inters success this season is Madrid bound and packing his bags for Spain which will eventually create doubts in the mind of a lot of Inter players and Sneijder is no exception. On the other hand, Sneijder has won everything that is there to win in Italy and possibly the Champions league medal too within next few days. Personally i don't think Arsenal will get any better chance then this to catch this spectacular player.

Rafael van der vaart: He is one of those players who has a lot of talent but does not make a full use of it may be because he is at the biggest club in the world which creates a lot of pressue on him to perform. someone with the national team knowledge will know that RVP and VDV click together like fire with oil and recently in the interview to NS magazine in Spain, VDV said that RVP loves to play with him and he told me to come to Arsenal at the end of last season but Mardid told me to stay for one more season. Ican see this player coming to Arsenal and the possiblity of grabing this player is 70:30 even though he had a good season with madrid in the last 2 months and since Madrid is bound to spend more millions which might force him to rethink his options for the future.

All in all, if Cesc leaves i see a lot of positives for Arsenal and these were some of the top quality Dutch players who can easily replace Cesc which in the process will also keep RVP happy. Also from that amount of money we can easily buy some top quality players available all over the world not to mention the scouting system of Wenger is unbeatable. The whole point of my article is that there is light at the end of the tunnel if Cesc abandon the train and Arsenal finally be ready to welcome some already proven players rather then young guns.