WWE Over the Limit: Tons Of Potential Don't Screw It Up. Here's How

Iam D Real Deal yoSenior Writer IMay 20, 2010

Hey guys I am back.

Before saying anything I would like to state that a similar article you might have read by now was not copied by me. I was just late in writing this one down hence I have elaborated it in a different way and analyzed this in the best possible way so that our articles are different

Now, as you all know we are just three days away from a brand new PPV event i.e. Over the Limit.

Honestly speaking, I believe that this PPV is going to be the best in this year as yet. Now, I felt strongly about Mania as well but alas the WWE sort of screwed it up.

With that said, similarly like Mania this PPV has got good promising matches and also I believe that many of the matches have got great to decent build up as well.

So, the point is that this PPV is being anticipated to be good; I hope that the WWE don’t screw it up and piss me again. I decided to analyze every match, how should it go, what should be the likely outcomes and why should the particular outcome take place.

Also I have arranged matches in a way that they will take place and I am going to analyze in that order.


Match One: The Hart Dynasty vs. The Miz and Chris Jericho

Now, I believe that this match is going to start the event as mostly the tag team matches start a PPV event and also it makes sense to have the singles and intense matches later on and have the tag matches in the beginning.

I would like this match to be a fast flowing and back and forth sort of matchup as you always need such matches in the beginning to allow the adrenalin to start flowing the way it should in a PPV Event.

Also things like this pumps up the crowd for what is in store for them and hence sort of gives a refreshing and energetic start to the PPV event and also nobody likes to see a long 30 minute, bloody match in the beginning.

With that said, I would like both the teams to dominate equally for say the first 10 minutes or so, with the two guys from the Hart Dynasty concentrating on moves which need both of them to be performed because I feel that for a tag team to make a great team, they need to have such a maneuver which sets them apart from the other tag team

I don’t care about the predictions or the spoilers but if they want this Hart Dynasty to succeed as a tag team, they should be allowed to take the victory in this match. Also we need to “keep” the hard earned integrity of the titles and by giving them short reigns we will just take away the integrity this belt has achieved.

But the biggest reason I want them to win is that the Hart Dynasty are one of the few “actual tag teams” present in the WWE and hence the best way to make the tag team division important again, is to allow actual teams to hold the title

I would give this match around a decent 15 minutes and would like to see Tyson Kidd pin The Miz for the victory as I feel that the WWE needs to show some importance to the “not so tall men” and not underestimate them and also seeing Jericho lose to an “upcoming tag team” is not something I would like to see.

One more thing. I hope that Bryan Danielson or Bret Hart interrupts this match and sort of distracts The Miz so that “if in case” the WWE is thinking of bringing back importance the US Title then this will be the perfect opportunity to do so.

Phew…moving on.


Match Two: Ted BiBiase vs. R-Truth

Next match which I see likely is the Ted-Truth match.

The reason why this match “in my opinion” at least is going to be second is because I feel that we can’t have all the titles matches together too in the beginning and also the Edge-Orton and Punk-Rey match is too big to figure so early in the list

Now this match according to me has got a decent build up and I mean just decent build up but good enough to make at least a few people buy this match.

Considering Truths’ quick moving in-ring ability and Ted’s promising in-ring work we surely can expect a good match from these two as well but one thing is that this should not be a squash match as it will totally ruin this match.

I expect this to be a 10-minute match with these guys giving each other a good run for their money and also I would like this match to showcase an array of moves because when you have a match which though important is not the most highly anticipated match of the night, you need things like these to make people invest in it

I say we allow the match to hang in the balance for say the first six minutes and then after that we allow Truth to dominate Ted and almost pin him, but then there should be some kind of interruption from Vigil (rumored to join the stable).

Then Truth can retaliate and beat both of them for say a minute but then after taking care of Vigil outside the ring, maybe when he comes back to fight with Ted, Ted can display his really big will to succeed and hit him with a few power house moves and then give him his finishing move to win the match

I want Ted to win this match because when all is said and done we all agreed that Ted is not yet ready to actually “run a stable” so by doing this we can allow him to get over with the crowd, thus justifying the WWE’s decision. We display his heelish but willingness to succeed side and also by involving Vigil in this matchup, we sort of start the process of bringing Vinnie’s idea to life.

Hence I think that Ted winning this match makes sense, and also it should be done as well because if they don’t then it will make Ted look like a weak heel and the stable won’t have a spirited beginning.

Well, moving on…


Match Three: Drew Macintyre vs. Kofi Kingston


Up next I would put the Drew-Kofi match.

I have put it at No. 3 because as I said we can’t have all the title matches all at once, even though it will happen once but as far as we can have title and normal matches in rotation it is well and good.

The WWE and WHC matches are important that this, hence they will take place later and the divas' match will be later as well because mostly such matches are used as sort of breaks between the “main matches.”

Now, this match to me is the one which has not got the best build up in this card, but considering the fact that this match involves the IC title, I think that if they manage it will then they can convert it into an asset.

Now both these man have really contrasting wrestling abilities, Kofi is a high flier and performs moves which shake the ring, well not because of his size but because of the leaps and jumps he takes.

Drew on the other hand should rely on his wrestling abilities in this match. I would give it around 12-15 minutes as well and would definitely allow Kofi to have the upper hand for like most part of the match and would pretty much like to see Drew be the one to take more abuse.

Once the match goes past the say seven or eight-minute mark, I say we have Drew make use of some unfair means like using a chair or maybe distracting the referee and causes an upset by finally using his finishing move.

But then after this happens, I would like to see Matt come out from the crowd and like a crazy psychotic SOB who has just been released from jail, lay the Smack Down, literally on Drew.

The reason why I want this to happen is because, if they let Kofi win who is a face then it will drive Matt out of his feud with Drew, which will make his feud with him absolutely pointless.

I also want to say that “for the love of god WWE” please don’t let Drew win via count out or retain due to a DQ. I am sick and tired of this.

The reason why I want Hardy to assault Drew is because I want the WWE to make a meaning full feud out of this and I also want Hardy to be made IC champ as it will help bring back integrity to the title hence Kofi winning will be pointless.

By attacking Drew, Hardy will proclaim to the fans that he indeed wants that title and will hopefully help in getting him back in the league of top guys again.

So that is exactly what I want, Drew wins by unfair means because we don’t want to make Kofi look weak, not end the match via count out or a DQ as that is stupid. Finally I want to have Matt beat Drew down to prove his return to the top league so to speak, and if they don’t do so then it will be mere stupidity on their part.

Woah! That was big, moving on…


Match Four: CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio

This match along with the Edge-Orton will be one of the stand out matches of the night.

This match has everything; great build up, great history to drop back on, great in-ring workers who can really put on a great fight, and on top of that this match has an outstanding stipulation as well.

My only message to the WWE is, just give these guys 20 minutes and then “shut yourself up” and then sit back and enjoy.

I expect this match to do wonders for this PPV event. We have Punk who to me is one of the top in-ring workers and Rey who though often ridiculed by many mature fans, still manages to keep the match exciting and lively.

I think that the best thing to do is just to allow these two athletes wrestle and not to allow the creative staff but in.

Let this be a powerful and energetic back and forth, high flying, counter after counter, maneuver after maneuver match and we have ourselves a great PPV worthy match. That’s all I can say.

But one thing which I want is that this match should indeed be given between 15-20 minutes of proper air time and should not be ruined by making it a squash match.

Now comes the verdict about the result. I am in favor of Punk winning because of two reasons. The first reason, though silly, is that I seriously don’t want to see Punk bald. The wrestlers have this thing where once they are shaved bald, they never grow their hair back and that is something which I don’t like e.g. Kurt Angle.

The second reason is that if we shave the head of the leader itself then the whole “shaving head segment” on SD will be pointless as the leader itself will be bald and hence not stand out amongst the rest.

By having Mysterio join the SES will be a welcome move as it will be something new and also the fans will be pretty much shocked about it hence, it will provide for a whole new interesting angle.

With that said, I would like the masked wrestler i.e Mercury from MnM to be the one who turns the tide in Punk’s favor by say distracting Mysterio while he is going for the 619 thus allowing Punk to go for the GTS and winning the match.

One more thing which I would like to add is, that maybe we can have MVP come in and try to rescue Rey and after beating everybody, maybe he too can turn on Rey and turn heel. I know it’s close to impossible but will be great. Agree?

All right moving on…



Match Five: Eve vs. Maryse for the divas' title

Now, moving on to the match which I don’t care about, but still have to write about so that I am not ridiculed by my peers.

This is one match which might just be swapped with the WHC match but I feel that having all the main event matches in order makes more sense and by putting a divas' match in between we might just spoil the fun.

Now all I can say about this match is that taking into consideration the in-ring abilities of these two divas we can’t expect a match to go “gung ho” about.

My suggestion is that we give them around seven to 10 minutes of actual in-ring time and allow these divas to fight non stop or maybe make it a fast-paced match.

Now the one thing that I would like to see in this match is that, after it is over, Eve is still the champion.

The reason is that the divas' title is the “least cared about” title in the WWE, even below the womens' title so by allowing longer reigns, the WWE can at least make us fans consider it to be a championship and just not consider it as just a strap wore by the divas.

That’s all I can say about this, don’t make it a squash match, make it interesting, let Eve win and also allow this to be a clean finish.

Well, that was quick…Moving on to the main events.


Match Six: Jack Swagger vs. The Big Show

This match is for the WHC title and has got a decent-to-good build up.

Taking into consideration the fact that Big Show’s experience and Swagger’s background in amateur wrestling we sure can expect this to earn a 3.5-4 star rating at least.

As we all know that the major purpose of this match is to of course push Swagger as a champ. But my point is that they should not just “literally hand him over the win” but once the match is over, even his critics should say that he earned it.

I would say that we give it around 20 minutes and allow Show to over power swagger in most instances so that we people are made to believe that chances of him retaining are sleek.

Once we do that, we make Swagger's victory look impossible so when he finally wins then the impact created is huge and we are able to push him in the best possible way.

I am not saying that Swagger should do a Cena and come out of nowhere and hit the AA and win, no no, I want Swagger to have his moments in the match as well but I want Show to dominate a bit more and demonstrate his power in the best possible way he can.

Once Swagger is down and out, maybe he can have a sudden will to succeed and due to it, he can suddenly make a comeback in that match and counter Show’s maneuvers, make use of his intelligence to fight back and them provide us with an array of impressive and high impact moves and finally get the pin fall.

I want him to win cleanly so that he gets the rub in the best way possible and is pushed in the desired manner.

And now, it is time for my favorite match of the night…


Match Seven: Edge vs. Randy Orton


Well Well Well! What can I say about this match?

We have the Viper vs. the Ultimate Opportunist, the Legend Killer vs. The Rated-R Superstar.

Believe me, this match will not only be the best match of this event but might just be the best match of this year so far, I mean we have two of the best wrestlers in this business squaring off. Both are talented, successful, and both have the will to succeed.

I just want the WWE to give this match as much time as possible, say 25 minutes so that we can have that much time of non stop excitement, intensity, and fun.

Also, placing this match just before the WWE title match and between the match for the two top titles, makes perfect sense.

As far as the match goes, I don’t think that anybody needs to ask them what to do, do we?

All we can hope is for a brutal beat down between these, with both these men having equal periods of domination and of being punished. Regular and beautiful counters, RKOs, Spears, and, if the time arises, then maybe even a punt.

Believe me, this is all we need and want to see in an epic match

Now, the biggest question is that what will the result of this match?

Now I read many predictions and the majority says that Orton is going to win, but I think that the better think to do will be to let Edge win.

The reason why I am saying this is that Edge is the one who started this rivalry and hence him making an impact will make more sense and also Orton is a face right now and is more favored by the fans so if Edge wins then the crowd will be shocked and it will be good to see Orton playing the part of a face who deserved the win but did not get it as contrary to the past.

Not only this, I would like Edge not to win cleanly but make use of unfair means and try to win under “controversial circumstances” so to speak like for e.g. his legs could be on the rope as he gets the pin fall or something.

The reason why I am saying is that Edge can’t be the Rated-R Superstar as the product is PG and considering the fact that he did say on RAW not so long ago that he wants to start an era of controversy, this will be the perfect opportunity for him to do so.

Making him win the match in this manner elaborates both his gimmick and his heel character. After the match is over I would love to see Orton have the last laugh by giving him an RKO so that the match ends with a much larger impact and also we push Orton another step further towards the anti-hero position.

But all said and done, this match is going to rock


And now finally for the final match of the PPV Event…



Match Eight: John Cena vs. Batista

Finally after giving a lot of pain to my fingers I have reached the final match of this PPV Event. Thank God for that!

I don’t know whether you are going to agree with me or not but I for one can safely say that this match has the best build up in the entire card and hence the intensity, history, status of these two guys, and importance of this match with respect to the title will sure as hell make the fans tuned to their TV sets as the match takes place.

Now, talking about the match, I say that we give it around 25 minutes as well and just let these two beat the hell out of each other.

We all have heard rumors that Batista is going to leave which means that Cena is going to win this mach. All I want is that this match should seem to never get over in the sense that these guys should actually fight in the entire arena, make use of tables, chairs, titles, announcers table, and stairs to assault each other.

Whenever we have an I-Quit match we expect a rough fight and I think that is exactly what we should get, I am of the opinion that allowing both these guys to have highs and lows in this match will do the trick to make both the competitors equally probable to win the match.

But the one thing that should be taken note of his how will this match end?

I mean none of us can imagine Cena saying those words, but hell neither can I see Batista saying those words.

So the key is to end this PPV on a high so that people don’t leave with a bitter taste, so all I want is that like ER the WWE should not do something stupid like duct tape to end it.

I am of the opinion that we let the match end with Batista (well I am taking his name as he is rumored to leave the company) saying 'I quit' after he has taken enough and not after being duct taped or hand cuffed.

I just want the PPV to end on a high and people to be satisfied with the way the match ended and also the WWE should try to be humane enough here and allow Batista to walk off with some pride rather than with another low.


So that’s it people, my idea to utilize the full potential of the card for this PPV event and utilize it to the fullest and not screw it up nice and proper.

So, what do you guys think, are my ideas and suggestions good enough to prevent this PPV card from being screwed or are my ideas just not right?  Please leave feedback for sure. All comments, whether positive or not, will be accepted.


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