2010 NCAA Softball Tournament: The Greatest Tournament Nobody Watches

Rick GillispieCorrespondent IIMay 20, 2010

Today, kicks off the 2010 NCAA softball tournament where 64 teams will play for the title.

Softball is a great sport and does not get the recognition it deserves. These women are great athletes and the competition and excitement is unfound.

The 64 teams are broken up into 16 regionals where the four teams in that regional will battle each other in a double elimination format.

The 16 teams that win will move on and play in eight different Super Regionals, which pairs two teams in a best of three series.

The eight teams that win will travel to Oklahoma City for the Softball College World Series.

There are 16 National Seeds for the tournament:

1. Alabama                                         

2. Michigan

3. Washington (Defending Champs)

4. Florida


6. Georgia

7. Texas                                    

8. Georgia Tech

9. Missouri

10. Arizona

11. California

12. LSU

13. Arizona State

14. Oklahoma

15. Tennessee

16. Hawaii

The SEC, Big 12, and the Pac 10 lead the tournament with seven teams a piece.

All regional games will start on Friday and continue playing until Sunday, except for the Texas Regional, which will start on Thursday and run until Saturday.

If you are a fan of sports and exciting tournaments, check out the action this weekend on ESPN, as two of the sixteen regionals will be broadcasted. All Super Regionals and the Softball College World Series will be televised.