Ray Durham a Brewer

Harry PavlidisSenior Analyst IJuly 20, 2008

Ray Durham goes from San Francisco to Milwaukee, in exchange for cash and prospects, details pending per WGN radio. No word on any other Bay Area players (cough...Huston Street...cough) at this time.

Durham and Jack Taschner have been subject of gone-to-Milwaukee rumors for a couple of days now, but the relief pitcher apparently was not part of the deal. Just 20 minutes before the mention on Cubs' pre-game, MLB.com said Taschner could still be included, and mentioned Darren Ford and Steve Hammond as part of the package going to San Francisco.

A former member of the White Sox, Durham has a career .787 OPS and is actually over that number so far in 2008. It is more OBP than SLG, as Ray has just three home runs this year. He's also walking a bit more than both 2007 and career numbers.

Hey, wow, the Cubs just hit two straight doubles. I must be watching a re-run.

Rickie Weeks has been the everyday second baseman for Milwaukee, with Craig Counsell as back-up. Weeks has made 77 of 97 starts for the Brewers. Rickie has an OPS+ of just 82, which is put to shame by Durham's 112. Still, it is hard to imagine Durham making a major difference.