Making Bret Hart U.S Champion Is a Slap In The Face For a Wrestling Fan

Michael PatrickCorrespondent IMay 19, 2010

Well this Monday night Bret Hart won the United states championship for a 5th time in his story book career. Now that doesn't seem that bad does it? well for wrestling fans like myself who have been following the sport there whole life it's an absolute abomination.

And no i do not hate Bret Hart i am actually a huge fan of the "The Hitman" but for some crazy reason i find myself not wanting to see an out of shape 52 year old has been hold one of the WWE's top championships. A bit harsh but it had to be said.

Now as i sat there watching Raw i expected Bret to announce that he would not be competing because he is in no physical condition to be wrestling at his age but i was proved wrong. I personally thought he would have introduced Bryan Danielson as his replacement for the match and he would go onto beat The Miz and capture the title.

Anyway we got The Miz vs Bret Hart for The United States Championship. And after a lot of hoopla with the Hart Dynasty, Jericho, Regal and Kozlov it eventually ended with Bret Hart having him submit to the sharp shooter to win the match.

At this point i'm sure that all of your mouths were wide open with shock as the 52 year old Canadian professional wrestler celebrated after WINNING the gold. No joke it actually happened.

And though this win is probably a way for the WWE to make up for the infamous Montreal Screwjob and to give him one last special moment to remember before he leaves the WWE it still really isn't acceptable for a man of his age to win the title. Talk about stealing the spotlight from up and coming stars. I wonder what other Wrestler comes to mind when i mention stealing the spotlight?. COUGH, COUGH Hulk Hogan.

And speaking of Hulk Hogan imagine if he was to win the global title or the X division title in TNA. The IWC would take a fit and the decision would be criticized in article after article. If TNA went under i'm sure this decision would be a key reason for there downfall just like when WCW made David Arquette World Champion.

Now i know making Hogan or Bret Hart champion is not as bad as making Arquette Champion because they have a history with the buisness and are wrestling icons. But i still believe this is a very bad decision as there too old and have had there time in the spotlight. It's a bit hypicritical of you to say it is ok for one of these icons in there 50's to hold a title but it's not ok for the other.

At least maybe TNA are smart enough not to do this which cannot be said for the WWE. It may come as surprise that TNA have actually got one up on the WWE in that area. 

What next Ted Dibiase sr as Intercontental champion or maybe even Jimmy Snuka and Roddy Piper form a tag team and win the Unified tag titles. That's how bad things may get at this rate. Especially with how bad the creative team are at the moment as they do not seem to go out of there way to give us the best program.

Anyway this decision to give him the title at his age is one of the biggest mistakes i have seen in a while and if he doesn't give it up next week it could have great consequences on the WWE's overall programing. I mean who wants to see him coming out every week defending the championship? I certainly don't.

And well this is the end of my rant at the decision to make Bret Hart United States Champion.

But What do you think should he be champion or not?