Shaun Alexander, Where Are You?

Monty SinghSenior Analyst IJuly 20, 2008

The former MVP and nine year veteran, Shaun Alexander, was cut by the Seahawks and finds himself without a job. He has been one of the most solid backs in the NFL for many years, but no team has grabbed him yet. Why?

Throughout last season Alexander had injury problems. It could have been the Madden curse or it just could have been the fact that his injuries did not allow him to play at his best.

The question arises whether or not he really was a great back or was it his offensive line that was so great? He is not a great pass blocker or receiver, and last season seemed a whole step off.

I do not think these are the reasons he has not been picked up. In the beginning of the season last year, when he was getting about 20 carries a game, he was pouring in about 100 effective yards for the Seahawks.

As his carries went down, so did the team production. They turned into a passing team when he was sidelined and fell in love with it. That is why they lost in the playoffs.

Alexander, especially after having a long offseason, will be ready to be an effective back for any team.

Why can't he get a job? It is simple. Almost every team has their set of backs and really would not have room for a running back who wants a high number of carries.

The Saints and Bengals were linked to Alexander, but those were just rumors. However, there are a number of teams that should get Alexander.

The Patriots are the best place for Alexander. Moroney is a good back and the Patriots are deep, but having a veteran behind one of the best offensive lines in the NFL will make the Patriots just that much better.

The Bills are a team that needs to get Alexander. It would not only take pressure off the young Marshawn Lynch, but it would make the Bills a team to talk about making the playoffs.

The Bills have one of the best young defenses and a balanced offense. With Alexander getting 15 carries and being a veteran, the Bills, I believe, will be a playoff contender.

The Packers have Jackson and Grant, but without Favre will they be as effective as last season? I do not think so. I personally think Grant was a one hit wonder. If the Packers can get a veteran who they know has the ability to carry a load why would they not get Alexander?

The Panthers are the last team out there who could use a power back. DeAngelo Williams and Alexander would make a 1-2 punch in the backfield. If the Panthers want to get back to the Super Bowl they need that running game.

It is sad that Alexander, who a couple of seasons ago was the MVP and former TD record holder, is out of a job. There are many teams out there who should have already picked him up. With training camp on the way, Alexander should get a call. He will give a contending team a chance to go the distance.