TNA : Credit Where It Is Due

SimzyContributor IMay 19, 2010


I for one am not one of TNAs biggest fans due to the current situation with Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff basically stealing tv airtime from the talent.

They dont seem to understand that we do not want to see their has been faces on the program unless it is once in a blue moon to book a main event!!!

In my opinion TNA was a lot better before Dixie brought in the Hogan and Bischoff regime, the storylines were a lot better, the talent had much more airtime and the knockouts division was a force to be reckoned with.

We had the likes of Awesome Kong, ODB and Angelina Love showing the fans that women can actually wrestle, unlike the WWE would have you believe.


I want to quickly give TNA credit where it is due and praise one their biggest rising stars, none other than the Pope D`Angelo Dinero.

For starters i would like to point out that the mans gimmick is a stroke of genius which he plays to perfection being a pimptacular man of the cloth.

Everything down to his entrance music and the money falling from the rafters, the way in which he preaches to his congregation is simply done with class, couple this with the Pope being a phenomenal athlete then you have the makings in my opinion of one of the greatest performers ever in the business.

TNA have really got it spot on with this man, for all the critisism they receive and the bad press they get for their storylines etc, the way they have moulded the Pope in to what he is by actually thinking about what they are going to do before doing it has really paid off for them.

As you all remember the Pope was in the WWE going under the name of elijah burke and although he had the talent, the WWE never really got behind him and he was "just another wrestler", I cant believe how much the WWE missed the boat with this man as he could of been a real asset to the WWE.

As they say though one mans trash is another mans treasure and the situation with the pope proves this.So well done TNA in making a true top teir entertainer in the Pope.