To Muscle Or Not To Muscle?: That Is The Question.

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To Muscle Or Not To Muscle?: That Is The Question.
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Note: You should listen to "I don't like Mondays" by The Boomtown Rats while reading this:


Anyway, this is my first article back and I can guess that no one really waited for me...

You can see John Cena in the picture with his freakish muscles. Now, he might not look as muscley as Batista but he is freakish. He looks scary. It makes his arms seem really short compared to other wrestlers. So the question I pose to you is: "When is enough muscles enough?" (That didn't make any sense)

Let's take an example. Rob Terry looks scary. Really scary. And if you look at his chest and his pecs it looks really weird. This is because his muscles are too much!!! He also kinda looks disgusting. Like you'd expect him to start lactating or have backne. EWW...

Muscles add something to the wrestler. Power. Looking at Batista or Ezekiel Jackson you know they're going to hurt someone just by their looks. But there has to be some sort of limit!!! This is why WWE started pushing Jeff Hardy and CM Punk some years ago. Because they were in another steroid scandal. I think.

John Cena is great as the face of the WWE but his arms just look scary. Kids will look at him and say: "I want to be just like him!". So they grow up and they body build and then they don't quite get his body so they take steroids. This is hypothetical and is quite far-fetched but as someone once said: "Anything is possible with a slim jim.

I think I've come up with something here. If not then I apologize. 

That is all...

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