MMA: Fedor Does It Again At Affliction: Banned

Mike BarrazaCorrespondent IJuly 20, 2008

Fedor Emelianenko proved once again why he is the No. 1 Heavyweight Mixed Martial Artist in the world last night when he defeated Tim Sylvia in just 36 seconds of the first round at Affliction: Banned.

It was just one of seven fights that didn't go the distance at Affliction's debut MMA show last night that featured guys like Andrei Arlovski, Josh Barnett, Ben Rothwell, Pedro Rizzo, Matt Lindland, and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira to name a few.

Fight Results:

Paul Buentello def. Gary Goodridge by Unanimous Decision

Vitor Belfort def. Terry Martin by KO in Round Two

Mike Pyle def. JJ Ambrose by Rear naked choke in Round One

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira def. Edwin Dewees by TKO in Round One

Matt Lindland def. Fabio Nagao by Unanimous Decision

Renato Babalu Sobral def. Mike Whitehead by Unaniomous Decision

Mark Hominick def. Savant Young by Armbar in Round Two

Josh Barnett def. Pedro Rizzo by KO in Round Two

Andrei Arlovski def. Ben Rothwell by KO in Round Three

Fedor Emelianenko def. Tim Sylvia by Rear Naked Choke in Round One


It was a night of exciting Heavyweight bouts starting with Josh Barnett and Pedro Rizzo's stand up battle that ended in surprise when Barnett knocked out the Brazilian with a devastating left hook and finished him off with a couple of hammer strikes.

Andrei Arlovski put on a stand up clinic with Ben Rothwell and showed the Heavyweight division that he is still a threat. His training with Freddie Roach has obviously paid off and now he is in a position to challenge Fedor for the WAMMA title, but he might have to get through Barnett first.

The main event of the night was Fedor Emelianenko vs. Tim Sylvia. It didn't disappoint, unless you don't like it when fights don't last longer than a minute. Sylvia, walking to the ring with an American flag around his neck, was welcomed with boos from the audience while Fedor, who was stoic as always, was given a very loud ovation from the sold out arena.

The fight started with both men touching gloves in the center of the ring, Tim threw a left jab that Fedor avoided. The two moved to one side of the ring and that's when the beginning of the end started.

Fedor faked a right hook followed by a lightning fast left hook that landed, then a right hook that missed. They locked up for about half a second and then Fedor threw a left uppercut followed by a left hook. From there it was a right hook, left hook, right hook, left hook, right hook, and finally a left hook that sent Sylvia to the canvas.

Once Tim hit the ground, Fedor used his body and head as a punching bag eventually making Sylvia turtle up. That's when Emelianenko secured his hooks, rolled the big man over and sunk in the choke. At just 36 seconds in the first round, Fedor Emelianenko defeated Tim Sylvia and became the first WAMMA Heavyweight Champion.

After the fight, Fedor was asked who he would like to fight next which is usually when he says something like "whoever they put me against," but this time he called out Randy Couture, who happened to be in attendance.

The two faced each other in the middle of the ring and both agreed they would like to fight. Couture cited his contractual disputes with the UFC as being the obstacle in the way of that fight happening.

Even Dana White seemed impressed by the Russian's performance as he was quoted after learning that Fedor dispatched of Sylvia in less than a minute:

"It does (change my opinion)..."  "Tim Sylvia was a real opponent."

And who wouldn't be impressed by a guy that finished Sylvia faster than both Couture or Nogueira or anyone for that matter?

All in all Affliction put on a great first show, I hope they have the same success in their future events. I know I'll be watching.