A Look at Re-Debuts in WWE

Joe M.Correspondent IMay 17, 2010

LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 24:  Wrestler Chris Jericho appears in the ring during the WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Thomas & Mack Center August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
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Over the years, countless WWE Superstars have been fired or quit only to return a few months or years later.  Superstars as big as Chris Jericho and Big Show, as little as Cryme Tyme and Goldust, even Superstars as special as Eugene.    Some comebacks have been successful and others failed miserably.  Let’s take a look at some of the most notable re-debuts in WWE.

Eugene was re hired by WWE in August 2009, and fired again by WWE in August 2009.  He was with WWE for a whopping 3 weeks, competing in less than ten matches, only one of which was on TV.  Eugene lost the the Calgary Kid in a contract on a pole match and was “future endeavored” by WWE later that week

Goldust appeared at Cyber Sunday 2008 as part of the Santino Marella/Intercontinental Championship segment, which stimulated negotiations between WWE and Dustin, as he was re-hired by WWE less than one month later, in November 2008.  By December 2008 Goldust had basically faded back into oblivion. 

It wasn’t until he was moved to ECW in the huge 15 superstar trade in June 2009.  After ECW was cancelled he was moved over to Smackdown, however was never used on the show.  Goldust is still with WWE, however his latest run with WWE has been, let’s say, less than successful.

Lance Cade was fired from WWE in October 2008 for having a drug related seizure in public, on an airplane.  In late 2009 he was re-hired by WWE, and then, in early 2010 fired again, never even making a re-debut.

Christian left WWE in 2005 when he let his contract expire and chose not to re-new it.  From late 2005-early 2009 Christian worked in TNA as a top card wrestler for the first time in his career.  On the February 10, 2009 episode of WWE ECW, Christian returned in the opening segment, interrupting Jack Swagger.  For the next year, Christian would stay on ECW, seeing success as the ECW Champion, however, if you were the casual WWE fan who watched Raw every other week for fun, you probably didn’t even know Christian was back on the WWE roster. 

He was, however, featured on the WrestleMania 25 and 26 cards, both times in Money in the Bank.  After WWE’s ECW was cancelled in February 2010, Christian was moved to Raw and a few weeks later moved to Smackdown. In the 2010 WWE Draft, where he is being showcased as a main eventer in WWE.

Cryme Tyme was fired by WWE in October 2007 for “undisclosed reasons” which were later revealed: they got into a bit of a spat with a WWE referee at a live event.  In March of 2008, they were re hired and since their re-debut they have seen more success than they ever have.  First being involved with John Cena, and challenging Chris Jericho and the Big Show for the WWE Unified Tag Team Championships at WWE’s second biggest pay-per-view, SummerSlam. 

Cryme Tyme broke up in April 2010 and both JTG and Shad are now being pushed as singles competitors, a very successful re-debut for Cryme Tyme, although, like with many tag teams, one member may sky-rocket and one may fade away as a result of the brake up.


Chris Masters was fired from WWE in November 2007, while serving his 60 day suspension for violating the WWE Wellness Policy.  In July 2009 Masters returned, making a less than monumental impact.  He was on the Raw brand, and would pop up here and there every few weeks. 

His most notable accomplishment since his re-debut was flexing his pecs to Crazy Train , if he couldn’t do that, he may have been fired for a second time.  Masters was moved to Smackdown, In the 2010 WWE Supplemental Draft, which may help boost his on-air time.

Chris Jericho left WWE after he lost a You’re Fired match against John Cena on August 22, 2005.  In September 2007, cryptic promos began to air on Monday Night Raw, which led up to his return in November 2007, after two months of taunting promos every week.  Jericho returned and was immediately put in a feud with Randy Orton for the WWE Championship.  Since his re-debut, Jericho has won the Intercontinental Championship once, the Unified Tag Team titles twice, and winning the World Heavyweight Championship three times.  This is quite possible the best WWE re-debut ever.

Big Show left WWE in December 2006 and re-debuted at No Way Out, in February 2008.  He was brought back right into a storyline with Floyd Mayweather leading up to WrestleMania 24.  He would feud with the Undertaker in late 2008 and main event WrestleMania 25 in the Triple Threat World Heavyweight Championship match. 

Big Show would win the Unified Tag Team Championships twice, once with Chris Jericho and the other time with the Miz.  He was drafted to Smackdown! As part of the 210 WWE Draft and began a storyline with Jack Swagger for the World Heavyweight Championship.  Another successful comeback.

There you have it WWE re-debuts, some failures and some huge successes.  Some have one match and some win three World Championships, and some just pick right up where they left off. 

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