WWE Tag Teams: How To Improve The Current Situation

Jackoby CalibanContributor IMay 17, 2010


This is my first article so don't be too harsh when commenting

The current state of the tag team division in the WWE is at its worst for years, with only two actual tag teams (not two singles competitors thrown together for a few weeks then split up after one shot at the titles). Here are a few ideas that can give the tag team division a new life.
1. Have just one tag title or have more teams
They have two choices of what they can do with the titles. Either they can make the two titles one and make them exclusive two one brand (bring back the cruiser weight title and put that on the other brand), I would put the title on Smackdown! because that's were they would get more matches in (because I feel its more of a wrestling show than an RAW). The other option is to have more teams and split up the titles, which leads me to my next point...
2. New actual tag teams
At the moment the only two tag teams are the Hart Dynasty and the Dudebusters, and only one of them have a chance of succeeding and being future main eventers. Here are some tag teams that need to be put together;
A) the Colons
Yes I no they have just been re-united but they need to stay together for longer and with the addition of there younger brother Tito Colon they could be a good stable/tag team with any two of the three going for the titles. It'll be interesting to see how good Primo is as a heel (as I guess they will be heels feuding with the Hart Dynasty), but they are both good in ring workers and Carlito is a good mic worker, they could easily be one of the biggest tag teams in the company.
B) the Fortunate Sons
Another team/stable that seems to be happening soon is the Fortunate Sons. With Ted DiBiase as the leader and his brother Brett and Joe Henning you have a very good 2nd generation team who could be heels or faces. They would need a long run with one of the titles to be taken seriously as a tag team (unlike Legacy), whilst helping Ted DiBiase get over as a singles competitor.

C) Evan Bourne & Yoshi Tatsu

This would be a very exciting team to watch and would be great in ladder and TLC matches. With some good writing and maybe if Yoshi Tatsu learns english then they could be the next Hardyz, two high flyers who can do sum jaw-dropping moves, imagine a shooting star press from the top of a ladder.

D) Chavo Guerrero & Zack Ryder

A heel team that could feud with Bourne and Tatsu. They would put on a great match and Chavo would act as a mentor to Ryder and could lead to a face turn along the road.

E) The Rotundo's and The Uso's

Two tag teams currently in FCW but will be called up soon. I dont know much about them but have seen both teams in matches and they seem like good tag teams and obviously have the brother connection. Both teams could be big in the WWE as long as they are put over correctly.

3. Have more exciting and multiple team matches

At the moment there seems to be a formula to a tag team match depending on who wins. If the face team is to win then they will get beat up by the heel team then make a hot tag and win, if the heel team is to win then they cheat to win (its the same for singles matches as well). They need to change the formula occasionally and have the heel team win clean or have the face team dominate before winning.
Secondly, the best tag team match ever (in my opinion) was a triple threat tag match between E & C, The Dudleys and The Hardyz in a TLC match, but now there's only one or two triple threat tag matches and they weren't anything special or memorable. A good triple threat feud would be exciting to watch and would bring some credibility back to the tag team division.
4. Bring back Survivor series

This wont help the tag situation but it need to be brought back but properly written so that it actually matters. Also this could be like King of the Ring where you could have a mid-carder win the match and this would be a huge push and would be exciting to watch, it would also be a surprise especially if the likes of Cena, Edge and Orton were in the match.

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