Six Things to Like About Attending NFL Preseason Games

Corey KoehlerSenior Analyst IApril 11, 2017

Well here we are, it is July. Soon, training camps open and preseason games will be in full swing. You and I both know that preseason football gets pretty boring after watching a game or two, but, attending a game isn’t half bad if you take the following into consideration.

  1. You can leave at halftime without missing anything.
  2. It is not a big deal if you miss a part of the game while in the bathroom or waiting in line for another beer (big problem at the Metrodome).
  3. No matter how bad your team stinks it up, the game doesn’t count.
  4. They are typically on Friday and Saturday night which means you can turn the occasion into a guys (or gals) night on the town.
  5. A potentially smaller crowd could provide you with an opportunity to take your young son or daughter to the game for the first time to get their feet wet.
  6. You don’t miss any fantasy updates or miss out on other NFL action.

If I missed anything and you wanted to agree or disagree, get up on the soapbox - in comments below - and let us know.

Meanwhile, looking over the schedule here are a few preseason games you could test all these observations on:

IND vs WAS (Hall of Fame game) - It would be cool to visit Canton and enjoy the festivities plus it is the first semi real game of the new season to get the juices flowing. Also, get a look at what a Peyton-less Colts team would look like.

MIN at BAL - Mentioning this one is a bit selfish on my part. I would like to have a pair of these Ravens tickets to see my team - the Vikings - outdoors for once. Plus, I saw this awesome looking restaurant called CHAPS Charcoal Restaurant on the Food network last week. I really wouldn’t mind a little pre-game porkout here out. Just take a look at the mouth watering beef on the front page…damn.

CIN at GB - Not only would you be hangin’ in the shrine that is Lambeau Field on a nice warm summer evening but you could experience the crowds reaction to one or two series’ of Aaron Rodgers.

Do you see any preseason games that you would like to attend?