John Cena: I for One Dare To Defend Him as the Face of WWE

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIMay 17, 2010

For over eight years now we have had a man by the name of John Cena in the WWE, a guy that pretty much was made by the fans. He had a unique gimmick, that being a rapper.

It was a gimmick seen before in the WWE, but never used well, so the fans loved it. Whenever the fans see something new, they clamor to it like mice to cheese. And if it is good, they become massive fans of the person.

This is why people such as "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, The Rock, and others made it big in the WWE.

Cena came in during the "Ruthless Aggression" angle that Vince McMahon started. In his first match, Cena took on Kurt Angle in an open challenge. He lost, but impressed the WWE fans.

Imagine that, the guy impressed with his wrestling? What?

People hate on Cena for that reason the most, which is something that I personally HATE with a passion. The guy can wrestle people, if you saw his first match you'd know that.

Heck, check out some of his Indy stuff and you'd know as well.

The reason he is the way he is now is because the WWE made him into that. I'm sure he'd love to put on a clinic in there, but that's not what the WWE wants him to do, so he doesn't do it.

The guy does any and everything the WWE asks him to do. If going out and doing a few signature moves and a finisher is what they want, he'll do it.

But I implore any of you to watch any other WWE veteran like The Undertaker, Kane, Big Show, Chris Jericho, Edge, Christian, etc. Watch and see what they do.

Obviously they do different moves than Cena, but they do the same stuff every week too! What? I probably just pulled a Heath Slater and blew your mind there.

The thing is that no one does that, so they hate on Cena. To me, it's the uneducated fan that hates Cena because of his wrestling.

Would I like to see the WWE let him go in the ring and blow every mind in the building and watching at home? Heck yeah, but that's not going to happen, not because he isn't capable, because I know he is. But the reason is because the WWE won't let him do so.

They want him to look like a Superman type of guy, similar to Hulk Hogan. I dare to say he can wrestle far better than Hogan ever could. And many consider Hogan the best ever?

Hum...uneducated opinion? I think so.

The most important reason people hate Cena is, well, his gimmick. The reason why people hate it is because, "it's stale", that's the most common one.

But, the problem is that we're just seeing Cena out there, no gimmick made by the man.

He doesn't write his stuff though, that's the writing/creative team. Oh there I go again, making too much sense there. I hate it when that happens.

If you want to hate anyone for the Cena on TV, don't hate him. He is just a pawn in a backstage chess game people. He goes out and does as asked by management. The same thing every other superstar in the business does.

I loved the match with John Cena and RVD, probably Cena's best match. People in the building gave Cena the most horrible time I've seen any crowd give a wrestler in some time. Still to this day, that's the most I've ever seen Cena hated on in one match.

The crowd shouted many profanities at Cena, which I won't go over. The most memorable things I think people remember is when Cena's shirt was thrown back about 5 times, the sign that said "If Cena wins, we riot", and the "you can't wrestle" chants.

The funny part about the "you can't wrestle" chant was that he actually was starting to wrestle a good match, I mean he was really opening up the playbook. And the fans responded back with "you still can't wrestle."

It was an obviously bias crowd in favor of the great RVD, but the funniest part about any of this was that Cena was still in his rapper gimmick mode. He slipped into the chain gang soldier gimmick, but was still in rapper mode.

That's something fans want to see him use now, but yet they hated him for it back in '06? Really? Moronic to say the least people.

As Cena said himself, he can't do the rapper gimmick now because it wouldn't fit the WWE's PG format. Again people, not Cena's fault that the WWE is PG, but the WWE's alone.

Also, people like to hate the WWE for doing the PG format, right? That's stupid to me. When you add in families, you make more money than that of a single man or couple(2).

Let's do some math here:

TV-14= 1 to 2 people.

PG= 3 or more people.

You have to buy a ticket for all at an event, even the kids. Wouldn't you think that more than 1 or 2 tickets bought would make more money? Does anyone even need to think to tell me that?

This is another reason Cena is the top name in the WWE. He fits the PG mold the WWE wants him to fit. He goes above and beyond for them so much it's scary. He loves the business and doesn't ever want to leave despite being highly capable of leaving at any point.

He's been in the WWE for eight years, more than The Rock and Steve Austin. Talking about active wrestling. But why doesn't he leave if he is such a massive star, uses his own name which helps marketability, and has a large young fan base?

Because he simply doesn't want to leave. He wants to wrestle 20 years, which means another 12 for the guy.

If you ask me, we should cheer for Cena if only for the fact that he does any and everything he can to entertain. He's one of the best on the mic that the WWE has ever had, and he takes more punishment on his body than anyone I've seen in the WWE since Jeff Hardy.

Yet people love Jeff Hardy right? How hypocritical for people to hate Cena, yet love Hardy. Hardy is not the best on the mic, and he wrestles as good as Cena does out there.

Sure, he gives us something to ohhhh and awe at, but he does the same stuff and is no different in what he does than what Cena does outside of just different moves.

At least Cena can actually work well in any storyline given because of his mic work alone. Hardy can't do that.

Hardy has never had a character, he was just himself, the same thing Cena does now. Yet you love the Enigma that is Jeff Hardy but hate Cena for exact same reasons to love Hardy? Moronic to say the least.

Now I like the both of these guys, so I'm not trying to bury Hardy. But it makes little sense to me that people never seemed to hate Hardy, but do hate on Cena.

Now if you're just not a fan of Cena, and haven't been since he arrived, then cool. But if you hated him just because the bandwagon to hate was rolling outside asking for any and all to hop on, then I think you're nuts.

It seems like the popular thing to hate on Cena. But see, Joe Burgett never liked the popular decisions made by the world. That's right, I talked in the third person there.

Cena is the best fit for the WWE's top name slot because of everything I mentioned above and then some.

The hardcore fans that have watched since the '90s who moronically expect a new Attitude Era can hate Cena all they want, but the fact remains that the WWE knows Cena won't leave them any time soon like The Rock did.

Not hating on Dwayne Johnson's decision, I'm just saying that Cena won't leave any time soon baring serious injury.

Because he won't leave, the WWE wants to use him for the new generation of fans.

Like they did in the '90s when they created a version of what they had then with the likes of Taker, The Rock, Triple H, Michaels, Stone Cold, etc., they are wanting to do the PG format for the the fans now to grow up on with today's superstars.

Cena may be hated by those older, the younger and far more important fans to the WWE love him. This is why Cena is the top name. I'm just saying.

Sorry this article that could be considered more of a rant than anything else, just had something to say. I always say what I need to say, cause that's just me, Joe Burgett.

But what do you think? Do I have a point in saying that Cena should in fact be the face of the WWE, and the hatred toward him by the same people who built him up to begin with, is stupid?

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