Will Bruno Senna Change the Landscape of Formula One?

Paul BoltonCorrespondent IJuly 19, 2008

We come to the interesting stage of the season where the drivers start to show their hand as to where they shall be racing next year, whilst on-track, the action is giving us a very enjoyable championship to savour.

To have Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa all level on points while Robert Kubica is just a couple behind has resulted in another tight yet open title race on similar scales to 2007 and 2003! (Michael Schumacher, Kimi Raikkonen and Juan Pablo Montoya)

Kimi seems to hold the key in terms of movement and it's likely that Fernando Alonso would take over his seat at Ferrari, whether it is next year or 2010. The Iceman does not appear to be around in the sport for much longer, and whilst his driving may be missed, his speaking skills (or rather lack of) will not.

News of Vettel joining Webber at the rapidly-improving Red Bull gives another strong midfield team, although the chances of Renault doing much without Alonso will remain to be seen.

Renault and Red Bull could indeed swap places, with the former champions perhaps becoming the "also-rans" whilst the latter might even be able to sneak an odd win here or there.

Webber is certainly overdue a great result. His consistent scoring this season has been pleasing to monitor, as has his qualifying pace. However, he needs a few more higher placed finishes or a few trips to the podium. With continued support from David Coulthard, this team can only improve further still!

Bruno Senna is also hopefully on the way to F1, and to have the name Senna back in racing can move on the sport in more positive directions after recent months. He looks every bit as fast as Uncle Ayrton, and we look forward to seeing his arrival in our sport sooner rather than later. 

Whilst having a famous name has not yielded much success for Piquet yet, his recent points scoring showed there is some potential, but this may be too little too late.

The sight of seeing Nelson and Nelsinho at the start of the season sporting T-shirts with "We're Back" may prove to be fruitless if Piquet Jr. is without a seat for next year.

Sutil has had some well-driven races for back of the field Force India, and this is another team that is getting closer to the big boys. If Sutil has his chance in one of the top teams next year, then expect him to grab a race win or two, as he just continues to improve.

Before coming into F1, he did look as though he would become successful and he has already shown this through spirited drives in lesser cars.

Of this year's new tracks, Singapore looks highly enticing with the prospect of night racing. The actual circuit would be interesting enough in the daytime with its bridges and tour around the harbour, yet for this to be raced under lights will just add to the spectacle.

Assuming the race goes well then maybe a few more night races, such as Australia and Japan, could be coming our way.

There are further tracks on the way, as the championship looks to be extended to 20 races with potential of South Africa, Russia, India, Dubai, etc. Instead of France perhaps losing their GP, maybe a switch to the fantastic Paul Ricard would solve the problem.

Although the teams know the circuit from testing, the track itself is far more interesting and enjoyable to watch than Magny-Cours.

In today's race at Hockenheim, although I for one am still in favour of the longer circuit, with the very fast straights through the forest. And interesting how Germany with its five drivers out of the 20, has to switch between tracks each year, yet Spain, with its single (albeit former champion) driver Alonso hosts two races.

Today, it looks like a fight between the McLarens and Felipe Massa, with perhaps Fernando Alonso in the mix if he can steal some places on the start line.

Kimi Raikkonen is down in sixth, and he might be in for another poor race if he is not fully focused. He also needs the Ferrari team to be sensible at pit stops if he is to somehow power his way up on to the podium.

Enjoy the race!