Drew Mcintyre:The Chosen One

John GarzaContributor IMay 17, 2010

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Aw,Nostalgia.I didnt like or know that wrestling existed when you were here,Goldberg but i know that you were a talented man and you will be sorely missed.

Back to the article(Thats my catchphrase now,FYI.).Drew mcintyre.Often called the "Chosen One" because of his relationship with The chairman.He,like a certain irishman,debuted for the WWE not in the main roster but in Ohio valley wrestling.

After a while his potential was realized and he was transferred to FCW and then to SMACKDOWN!,where he had his first taste of WWE gold,The Honorable Intercontinental Championship.

His talent is...questionable.His finisher,the future shock,is a DDT.It looks devastating but,like Cenas FU,im realy supposed to beleive a match can be ended with a DDT?Sorry,but im not buying it.

His mic skills,arent the best but are improving.His promos with JoMo and Matt were fantastic and he can realy draw heat from the crowd.

He has the look,the feel and the talent but he could crack under the pressure of being World champ.But hes the chosen one right?We'll see how he does in the future.

Will he become a household name or will he end up like Rene dupree?Its not up to me you or him.Its up to vinnie and creative.So that means he'll have a more successful TnA carreer.JK

So what do you think?Will he end up a Word Champ or a World Chump?And thanks to Mike AKA the professer for editing my last article.