Brook Johnston, Cole Collier Duel In Qualifying At Germany's Nurburgring!

Maximo GarateCorrespondent IJuly 19, 2008

Round 7 of the Formula BMW International series takes place at the Nurburgring Circuit in Nurburg, Germany this weekend.

With an extraordinary race by Canada's Cole Collier in the last race at the Monza Circuit in Italy, there appears to be a tight race for the championship lead.

Current series points leader Brook Johnston of Sauber Red Bull Racing was involved in a very serious accident during a practice session at the challenging Italian course, but he has since made a dramatic appearance for this weekend's race at the Nurburgring.

After enduring harsh injury, a concussion, and hospitalization, the Sauber Red Bull driver means business and is ready to take on the Nurburgring this weekend.

Cole Collier of team Euronazionale, remains second in the points and will be knocking on the door to challenge Johnston for the championship in this weekend's race.

Also making large pushing efforts are Sauber Red Bull Racing teammate Matt Jaskel and Ital Speed's Alan Sciuto. The two drivers have made a tremendous improvement in each race and should prove to be championship contenders this weekend as well.

Drivers Nicholas Reizen and Jan Duhmuine  will both be racing in front of their home crowds this weekend and expect a large German fanbase of over 5,000 people at this weekend's event.

The Formula BMW International series has shown a tremendous amount of growth since its introduction in January of this year and this weekend's chase for the championship should show one of the largest crowds yet.

Today's qualifying session brought out a close series of contenders, with a large battle going on between Sauber Red Bull Racing and Euronazionale throughout the day.

The cool weather brought about a perfect running condition for the cars, allowing the drivers to qualify with some very fast laps for the day.

However, Johnston proved that injury would not affect his championship lead posting a blistering lap time of 2:33.27 to take the pole position for this weekend's race.

Collier posted a 2:33.76 lap to take second, and Jaskel took third with a 2:33.98. Tensions have been rising in both camps all week long. As the races wind down, it becomes more competitive between each driver and team.

Making his miraculous comeback for this weekend's race has put Johnston back into the favorites to win this weekend's race and the overall championship. While this weekend's race will be the last of the European tour races, the series heads over to South America for the next round of racing after a short one-week break.

Team Euronazionale is expected to be unveiling a new chassis during Round 8 that is said to be a much improved addition to the team to help them further their championship hopes.

The German press had asked Euronazionale if this move was based upon Johnston coming back to race  in Germany. Euronazionale responded that it has caused them to think about some more serious changes and that they are on a mission to take this season's crown.

This weekend's race should show some very competitive racing and much aggressiveness before the series heads back to Brazil for Round 8.

The race takes place on Sunday at 2:30 p.m. at the Nurburgring and should be showing some of the best racing yet from the Formula BMW International series.