Dragon and Hart: Future of the Excellence of Execution On Monday Nights

JC AugustineCorrespondent IMay 16, 2010

After Daniel Bryan was eliminated from WWE's NXT many have wondered what will happen to the American Dragon. Daniel Bryan was constantly under utilized and placed in matches to job to other NXT rookies.


People speculated that this was set up for Daniel Bryan to pull a "Super Cena" and win NXT against the odds. Obviously, this did not happen. 


Other theories were that Vincent McMahon was being a dick again, breaking down Daniel Bryan as he did with Christian.


Mr. McMahon does not like the idea of success outside of the WWE and in order to make the WWE "topdog", everyone from another promotion will have to become his, excuse the language, "bitch".


Luckily for fans of the America Dragon, the Dragon is no one's "bitch".


After being interviewed by Matt Striker on NXT after his elimination, he said that Daniel Bryan didn't deserve to be in the WWE.


Daniel Bryan could take Batista to the limit but lose to rookies the next day. No Daniel Bryan has never been in the indies but there was another man who won, his name was...Bryan Danielson.


A simple name change may not mean much to the average WWE viewer, but to myself and the IWC it means change is coming.


Bryan Danielson showed a passion on NXT that has not been seen since the 9/26/10, the final day of the Final Count Down tour from Ring of Honor.


"The Greatest Wrestler in the World" has been dropping hints to his future in the WWE on the Internet like it's nobody's business. 


“He gets in the ring with Batista and he’s good enough technically to push him to the limits with his submission.  The same thing with Chris Jericho ,” he said.


“But Daniel Bryan is a figment of the WWE’s imagination. Daniel Bryan has never been anywhere except WWE. Daniel Bryan has lost every match he’s ever been in."


" But Bryan Danielson is a former world Champion. Bryan Danielson is champion wherever he’s ever been. Bryan Danielson is one of the best wrestlers in the world. And he doesn’t just say that himself, people say that about him,” he said, referring to the highly-skilled, widely-respected independent wrestler.


“The real me is Bryan Danielson. I was trying to fit into what they want me to be but that’s not me. Bryan Danielson is the real me.”


“Daniel Bryan was all right. He was a good guy. He was nice, friendly … you know. Bryan Danielson is a little bit meaner, he’s got more of a dark side. So we’ll see.”


These quotes are from an "exit" article posted on the WWE.com website supposedly interviewing the eliminated contestants. 


In other news, Monday Night Raw has a championship match. Bret Hart will wrestle The Miz on 5/17/10 for the United States championship.


How was Bret Hart informed of his upcoming match with The Miz you might randomly ask?


His son told him about it after watching Monday Night Raw.


Now I am not sure how the WWE creative staff informs their talents about the matches, but I would hope they would not put a man with a history of concussion, who is in no shape to wrestle, and only give him a few days to prepare. 


The only sense on can make of these would be either A: Brett Hart will not wrestle and the Miz will win by disqualification or B: a wrestler would be Brett Hart's replacement either set up by the GM (who ever or whatever that is) or the Guest Host (but they supposedly do not have any power) or the Hart Family.


Now what wrestler would replace Bret Hart?


One of the best technical and mat based wrestlers of all time. Who else has a feud in place with the Miz all ready waiting to be used?


Bryan Danielson, “the greatest wrestler in the world”


I predict a grueling 10 to 15 minute match with the Miz with Daniel Bryan winning by submission. Followed by the return of the American Dragon, and with this supposedly being Bret Hart's final night on Monday Night Raw expect big things to happen.


PS: Anyone know what will Bryan Danielson entrance music be?