Jays-Rays: Bad Call by the Umpire Hurts Halladay in Big Loss

Adam GreuelSenior Analyst IJuly 19, 2008

It started out as just another gem for Toronto Blue Jays ace Roy Halladay, but it all went downhill in just one inning.

After five innings each pitcher was neck and neck with each other. They each had only given up one hit, zero runs, and were both well on their way to pitching gems. However, only one of them would be leaving the game with any sense of pride.

Matt Garza pitched the sixth inning much like the other five, sitting down the Jays in order. Halladay was not so fortunate.

He was already in a tough situation with runners on both first and second and nobody out when Tampa Bay Rays' speedster Carl Crawford came up to bat.

Crawford would just barely manage to put wood on the ball, placing a slow roller right along the first base foul line. Knowing he had no chance to get the speedy Crawford at first, Halladay just kept backing up on the ball, making sure that it went foul.

Well, Halladay got what he wished for when he picked up the ball just barely on the foul side of the line, not even touching the chalk. But wait! Home plate umpire Mike Dimuro saw it differently and deemed the ball to be fair!

Now, for those who have followed the Jays and have seen Roy Halladay night in-night out, they know just how mellow he is, except this blown call just sent him over the top. Halladay was rightfully furious as the replay clearly showed the ball lying on the foul side of the line.

Halladay would argue to no avail and that blown call sealed his fight.

Rookie Evan Longoria would take a Halladay fastball and place it deep into the left field stands for a grand slam at Tropicana field. The Rays ultimately scored five runs in the inning and ended what was once a promising start from the star pitcher. Halladay made his frustrations known to the umpire when he slammed the ball to the ground after ending the sixth.

Lost in all of that excitement was the fact that the Jays' offense was once again failing to succeed in what they're paid to do. Only when Rays' starter Matt Garza left the game did the bats finally come alive.

Scutaro, Barajas, and Overbay would all drive in runs off the weak Rays' bullpen, but it proved worthless as the comeback came up short by two runs. In the end, the Jays once again proved that this team will never contend for a playoff spot with the hitters they currently have.

It is really frustrating to have what was a promising game ruined by the umpire. The Jays will just have to come back harder in the rubber match tomorrow.

Also of note is that reliever Brandon League was thrown out for supposedly intentionally hitting Dioner Navarro. After the game, League was quoted as saying that he was really caught off guard, stating that he was only challenging inside.

Knowing League, I am pretty sure it was by accident considering the complete lack of control he has shown while up in the bigs this year.

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