NFL Week 11 Recap: Manning Looks Sloppy and Owens and Moss Continue to Impress

tee polkAnalyst INovember 21, 2007

IconSo after dropping two straight, the Colts have finally won a game.  However they only beat the Cheifs by three points and only scored one touchdown.

What the hell is going on in Indianapolis? Peyton didn't even throw a touchdown pass, and he looked sloppy—kind of like his younger sibling that plays in New York...

Don't know how they pulled it off, but the Browns won on a controversial field goal as time expired against the Ravens. The refs initially called the field goal no good, but upon further review concluded that it hit the inside of the goal post and bounced out, thus it was considered as good. 

This means a continued struggle for the Ravens—talk about the ball not bouncing your way...ouch...

The Minnesota Vikings didn't even need Adrian Peterson to beat the Raiders 29-22 last Sunday—they had a man by the name of Chester Taylor who filled in nicely for the injured star running back. Taylor had 202 total yards and three touchdowns, and 164 of those yards were rushing.

I bet the Vikings would rather have Peterson back to ignite the offense even more. Don't forget that they played the Raiders...I think that O.J. Simpson could probably come out of retirement right now and put 300 yards on that depleted defense.

By the way: where is Jamarcus Russell?

IconTerrell Owens is tired of everyone bringing up what he did in the past to add negativity to football teams, and he wants the world to know that he is a changed man. Owens is letting his game speak for itself, instead of running his annoying mouth.

TO has been on a roll the past couple of weeks, including a four touchdown game against the Redskins in 28-23 victory Sunday. I don't know how he kept getting so damn open, but hey I'm a huge Cowboys fan so I'm all for Owens doing what he does best: winning ballgames.

Rex Grossman returned to the football field on Sunday, and he produced pretty much the same results that got him benched in the first place—namely fumbles and a 30-23 loss to the Seahawks.

But don't blame Rex; he has always been a horrible quarterback, so the fans of Chicago got what they expected out of Grossman. The Bears are thus headed to the NFL Draft to find a replacement QB...I hear Lovie Smith saying "Where is Jim McMahon? At least he won a Super Bowl..."

Could someone please beat the Packers already? I just don't see how they are beating teams, and have lost only one game this season. I thought Brett Favre didn't have the arm strength he used to have, but I guess that I am wrong so more power to you Brett.  But after this season, please retire—I mean isn't their an age limit to being an NFL QB?

IconNow I don't know what planet the Patriots are on, but they keep blowing teams out like they were accused of "cheating" or something. With that said, who is going to beat them? How many touchdown passes will Brady throw, how many will Moss catch, and what is the most amount of points they will put up this season?

So many questions that will surely be answered because this team is really good. They beat the Bills 56-10, and posted 35 of the 56 points in the first half. So NFL fans, start pointing your fingers at the Jets for accusing them of cheating, because all that did was light a fire under their butts, and they are now destroying teams left and right...