Kofi Wins IC Belt, Vinnie Takes It Away and Gives Back To Chosen One

lee raydeanCorrespondent IMay 16, 2010

What in the hell happened after the IC Championship Match? Kofi Kingston won the belt, which was being held after Drew Mcintyre was stripped of it on last week's Smackdown. Tonight, he had to overcome obstacles (Christian) to get that.

Last week, Drew was summoned to the ring by Matt Hardy. They have been in an intense feud for quite a while now.

Weeks previous to this confrontation, the Scottsman had been pinned by Hardy and a few others.

Vinnie had sent word to Smackdown GM Teddy Long telling him that Drew didn't lose that match or any others.

The WWE superstars and universe didn't believe this was happening. McIntyre gets beat but still was the winner.

The feud between Matt and Drew intensified until Matt got hurt. He was ordered not to wrestle, but he thought that he needed to confront McIntyre.

Well, Drew did come out and did get in the ring with Matt, and there was an all out brawl  in which Drew turned into a maniac. Again, Hardy was injured at the hands of the IC Champion, Drew McIntyre.

As the two brawled, the situation escalated onto the outside mat. Drew was brutal. Teddy came out with security and told Drew to get off of Matt. Of course, he didn't listen.

Teddy told him he was suspended, and that just made him even more irate. He kept on pounding on Matt.

Again, Teddy told him to get off of Hardy, but he kept pounding away. Now Drew was in jeopardy of being suspended and fined.

McIntyre acted as if he didn't hear Teddy or he just didn't care. So here goes another warning for McIntyre, he was being stripped of the title. Drew was so mad, he was spitting nails.

Still in a world of his own, he heard the words," 'Drew, you are fired!" That's the only thing he heard. Security escorted him out of the building, with no shirt on.

Now the IC belt was up for grabs. There was a tournament and the final came down to Christian and Kofi Kingston, in which Kofi won the IC belt.

The WWE Universe were elated and Kofi was even more. Christian shook Kofi's hand and congratulated him. That celebration was short-lived.

McIntyre came out and as soon as Teddy saw him, he called security. Long was confused about why and what was Drew doing there after he fired him.

It wasn't long before those questions were answered. McIntyre handed Teddy an envelope with a letter in it from Vinnie Mac. Teddy read the letter and all the while, the Scottsman was snickering. If I were Teddy, I would've slapped the taste out of his mouth.

Anyone that was watching that match and saw what was happening afterward could tell what that letter was about. And you could tell by Teddy's body language and facial expression.

The Chairman of the Board and owner of WWE, Vinnie Mac, ordered Teddy to give the championship belt back to McIntyre and reinstate him as well. He also went on to say that Teddy went overboard.

How in the hell did he deserve to get the belt back? Just because Vinnie calls him the "Chosen One" doesn't mean Vinnie was God and Drew was his right hand man.

And Kofi was beside himself, just about in tears. They have a championship match at OTL.

If Drew loses again, will Vinnie take the belt from Kofi again and give it back to the Scottsman? Drew is not a real champion. He doesn't have the balls or audacity to be a real champion.

It takes more than knowing how to wrestle. It takes, blood, sweat, and tears. Every minute of every day, you have to push yourself to get focused, and always be ready.

McIntyre was handed that belt maybe a month after getting into the WWE. Good ol' Vinnie supposedly told Drew that he was the chosen one. He cannot do wrong by Vinnie.

Does this mean that no matter who McIntyre wrestles (could be his own mother) and loses it doesn't mean anything? What's the sense of him wrestling? Just let him sit back and hold the belt and just take the IC out of the equation.