Mr McMahon: Is the Character's Retirement Premature?

Jamie HardingContributor IMay 16, 2010

It was reported post-Wrestlemania that the Hart Family's beating of Mr. McMahon, in retribution of the Montreal Screwjob, was to be the last on-air appearance of the Mr. McMahon character.

In one respect, this finale is perfectly fitting, as it is popularly considered that the Montreal Screwjob gave birth to the character, at least to the idea of such a character. It could be viewed as an attempted act of respect to Bret Hart that he should be the one to defeat the evil boss once and for all.

However, looking at the bigger picture, I cannot help but feel there was so much more that could have been done with the character to the benefit of the company and its young stars.

I will not give an in-detail explanation of the Screwjob or the character's later feuds as many of you will be well aware of them and could explain them much better than I. For those unaware of the history of the McMahon character, I strongly encourage you to check it out. Some of the feuds were the heartbeat of the Attitude Era.

What I will say is that for well over a decade Mr. McMahon has been feuding with the company's best and brightest, and not only that but has been extremely effective at putting over his adversaries and garnering maximum heat or support, whichever was appropriate, in the process.

His promo skills were at times simply brilliant and The Rock, HHH, and Undertaker are just some of the stars that have this character to thank in part for their rise to super-stardom.

There was, of course, one feud which topped them all. Mr. McMahon's feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin has been said to be largely responsible for the creation of one of the industry's biggest ever superstars and for the company's eventual victory over WCW in the Monday Night Wars. Of course, much of this was down to the incredible talent of Austin, but it would be wrong to overlook the part that McMahon played. 

McMahon went on to be involved with many of the WWE's biggest storylines, the most recent beneficiaries, counting out Bret Hart, being the company's biggest young stars, John Cena and Randy Orton. However, now that all appears to have come to an end. I accept that Vince is not a young man and that retirement from in ring action is probably a wise step, in order to give more room for the true wrestlers to perform. 

That being said, I still believe that Mr. McMahon has a talent which could be greatly utilized as an on-air talent. Below I have briefly outlined five realistic storylines that Mr. McMahon could have been involved with in the next two-three years that I would find interesting to watch.

Drew McIntyre's Backer

This angle is already being well enforced. Drew is having loss stricken from the record and suspensions overturned by McMahon as he is the bosses "personally-signed, future champion."

I am really enjoying watching the ever-developing character of McIntyre, but I do not think this angle will really reach the level it could without personal appearances from McMahon—letters read out by Matt Striker just won't work every time. I just can't see where this is leading if they don't intend getting McMahon involved with Drew.

Challenger to the Streak

This angle would work much like the one with Hogan for Wrestlemania 19. McMahon would take credit for the streak as a brilliant business decision of given Taker opponents that he could beat. He would then announce that Taker's time was done and that it was time someone new dominated Wrestlemania and that the streak was broken.

At this point McMahon would introduce the challenger to the streak, John Cena. I have argued recently that Cena shouldn't be turned heel, but if it were to happen I would love it to happen like this. The heat Cena would be receiving in weeks, whether he won or not, would be unimaginable.

vs SES

This is the only angle that would have McMahon as a face. Many of the great stables such as D-Generation X and the Ministry of Darkness have feuded with McMahon and family and as the new super stable in process I think the Straightedge Society should have the same opportunity.

He could say that the WWE was an entertainment business for fans that want to have a good time and that the SES was destroying that. I would have this feud at a time when Punk and co were extremely dominant over the roster. My only concern is who would wrestle on behalf of McMahon here.

Dibiase as GM 

This is more of a short-term angle but to further to made of money gimmick you could have McMahon announce that he is impressed with Ted Dibiase's understanding of the importance of money and as result he wants to get him involved in the business as Raw General Manager.

vs HHH for the company

Finally, with Triple H being very influential backstage and widely-touted to be the guy to take over the company when Vince decides to step aside, why not make this into an on-air angle similar to the one McMahon had with Ric Flair several years ago?

All in all, whether these angles would themselves work is one point, but I generally feel that the Mr. McMahon character has achieved a lot of the years and that there was much more that could have been done before the character is finally put to bed.

For those that persevered, thanks for reading this long article and comments and feedback are, as always, much welcomed.