On The Grapevine

Joel KochSenior Analyst IJuly 19, 2008

Just watching and listening over the past few days, I have heard a few trade rumors. Take from these what you will. Some are out of left field, some are seriously possible.

Matt Holliday and Brian Fuentes to the New York Mets: This one was shot down in flames recently. The Mets are finally learning from their mistakes and want to build from within. They are refusing to part with any top prospects and think that their farm system can fill the holes.

Huston Street to the Milwaukee Brewers: Take a big sigh of relief everyone, this one looks like a false spark. Someone recently said that Darrin Ford, a light hitting minor league outfielder, was going to be sent to Oakland for the young closer. Here is the article he referenced.

Arthur Rhodes to the St. Louis Cardinals: Don't get too big on this one either. Some rumors have been floating around lately that the Cardinals may go with Option C on their left handed arm quest. Marte might be hard to pry away from the Pirates and Fuentes doesn't look to be going anywhere.

David Eckstein to the Los Angeles Dodgers: This one just won't go away. The Dodgers want a shortstop, but they have nothing to deal for it. They won't trade away the farm for a shortstop (unless it's a franchise player like Michael Young), and none of their Major League players are drawing much interest. The Dodgers downplay the rumor that they want Eckstein, and I can't blame them. Garciaparra has playing decently for the Dodgers since his return and Rafael Furcal may be back in September. At the rate the NL West is going, Juan Pierre could play short and the Dodgers could still be in contention.

On the Marte front, the Pirates think that he will be a Type A Free Agent, so they are asking for two first round draft pick talents. Add in now that Marte has been the closer for the Pirates, he may have a higher price. Say, three top prospects. That price is too high, in my opinion, because if he is a Type A Free Agent, you cannot replenish the talent. You'd be missing one.

On the Fuentes front, the Rockies are in the race for the Mild West. They are seven games out of first, despite being 15 games under .500. Nevertheless, the Rockies asking price is now higher, believe it or not, for Fuentes. They were asking for two top prospects. Now, they want two top prospects AND a Major League player with service time. Why? He can fill the hole of Fuentes and keep them in the race, while also letting Casey Weathers season in the Minors before his 2009 debut.

On the Matt Holliday front, the winds have cooled. The Rockies look to be cutting their gains and keeping their 2007 Most Valuable Player who got snubbed. Holliday's name is still out there, but is unlikely to move. The offseason is still a strong possibility.

On the Mark Teixeira front, he looks to be a Brave for the rest of the season. The Braves won't sign Teixeira to a long term deal, but they won't trade him. They don't want to trade him for prospects, they won't people that will help now. No one wants to trade now players for a rent-a-player with Scott Boras as an agent. Look for Teixeira to sign with someone in the off-season and get the Braves two draft picks.

So, there's your news on the grapevine.