Why Fedor Emelianenko Destroys Career`s

eedor femelianeko the ufc killerContributor IMay 16, 2010

We have a number of examples of fighters who after the fedor  a loss to never again were successful in their careers like Texas crazy Horse, Semmy Schilt in mma, Andrei Arlovski, Tim Sylvia and yet Brett Rogers.

Why can not cope with these fighters losing to Fyodor. Then you lose just yet. Is a loss to Fedor so destructive?
The answer is yes. All have had a fighter after a knick fedor envious position a career. This, without exception. Why is that?

First, an envious position seems psychologically against Fedor. Especially when you have clearly lost to Fedor. Brett Rogers as little resistance as Arlovski tide after his defeat against Fedor. Their will is broken. The effect fedor slouched it internally. People have the anal. You must see the defeat against each fighter Fedor breaks internally. If Fedor fights against Overeem, and he also defeated then Overeem will lose only directly Danche. The same would happen with Lesnar.

The trainers of the fighters have to teach their charges not only victories but also to defeat Fedor. They must not be artificially hochgeputscht but should also be able to handle a defeat. They must be prepared for it. One such Fredi Roach has spoken only of winning a ko of Arlovski to make a big mistake. If his fighter loses then he is totally at the end. You must be realistic.

A fight against fedor you can bring a lot but take everything. Everyone needs to remember fighter, especially a Brock Lesnar
. You should choose between the option of one of the best fighters. Or to be the best. But that brings the Risikio to be destroyed by fedor. I think it is better for Lesnar. If he does not try to be the best.

Forms always your own opinion and let not manipulate you.